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Review by yyzlhr See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $42 per month
Good "Getting advertised speeds, have not had downtime in years"
Bad "Traffic shaping can render connection almost useless in certain instances"
Overall "Highly reliable if you're not torrenting"
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I've had Rogers Hi Speed Internet since it was branded as Rogers@Home. Back
in the @Home days the service was pretty spotty with frequent outages which
got even worse after @Home's demise. However, fast forward a few years
later and the service is absolutely top notch. I have not experienced an
outage for almost five years. In addition I get at least the advertised
speeds at ALL hours. Customer service is generally pretty good, calling in
at certain days/hours will result in very long hold times while at other
times you'll get through right away. Their retention department is pretty
aggressive, called in inquiring about their cancellation policy as I was
contemplating a switch to Bell to get their Fibe TV service. They instantly
offered me a plethora of discounts to keep me and I didn't even ask for
them. Of course the discounts required a contract but my philosophy is that
my Internet and TV services are essential services, and Rogers has proven to
be extremely reliable so I had no problems signing a contract with them.

There are certain downsides to the service. I do torrent occasionally, but
not very often. The bandwidth cap of 80GB that Rogers has offered is very
comfortable for my needs, but can be a problem for many users. Although
Rogers does not throttle torrents, they do drop the packets of all other
traffic when one is torrenting. This makes web browsing completely
unbearable when using torrents. This is only a minor annoyance for me as I
only torrent occasionally and I usually leave the torrents running when I'm
not at home, however it could be a major issue for heavy downloaders.

In addition, if you experience a service interruption that requires a tech
visit, expect to be out of service for a couple of days. In my situation,
there was some heavy maintenance work being carried out by Toronto Hydro.
During the course of this maintenance, Toronto Hydro
workers inadvertently cut the cable connection to my home, rendering all my
cable services useless. Although it wasn't Rogers fault, I was appalled to
find out that I would be out of service for 4 days as all the technicians
were booked up.

I would definitely recommend Rogers under the following circumstances
-If you require more then one service such as Home Phone and/or Cable TV
(They have pretty sweet retention deals for customers with more then one
service which makes it more cost effective then alternatives such as
-If you do not torrent frequently
-Moderate downloader
-Not willing to commit (most of their promos and retention offers require a

If you are a frequent downloader or do not require a triple play combo its
is more cost effective to go with Teksavvy. Their prices are lower with
much higher bandwidth caps and service reliability will be exactly the same
as Rogers.

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