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Review by JCohen See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $68 per month
Good "Good speed and reliability."
Bad "Low bandwidth cap."
Overall "Alright for the price."

I've been using Rogers High speed from the time they were still called @home and have not had many issues through the years and the issues that I have had have been corrected fast and professionally.

I am currently using the grandfathered Extreme package, 10Mbps with 95GB of bandwidth, the speed is fine but the low bandwidth cap is a killer. Using Netflix and other streaming services for TV Shows that 95GB barley lasts for the month.

I am also a gamer using both PC and xBox 360 and the speed is fine, just the P2P speed limiting causes issues with hosting games from time to time.

Overall Rogers is a good Canadian provider for speed and reliability but they could offer more bandwidth to the lower tier plans or adjust their plans costs a little bit to be more on par with some indie ISPs.

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Cleveland, OH


they don't need to lower their price they actually pay a great deal of what the indie's don't in terms of maintenance, repairs, upgrades and truck rolls.

the ILEC providers will ALWAYS be around- resellers will go the way of the horse and buggy.

North York, ON

Re: Indies

The Last mile of the network is resold.
eg. let - represent 1 portion of the network.

Home - Carrier connection -Your ISP ------------------------------the internet.

Resell would be:
Home - Carrier connection - the internet.

North York, ON
And if you think $68 is worth 10Mbps. your highly mistaken.
Verizon in the U.s. offers 35/35 for less then what rogers offers this person for.