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Review by arahman56 See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $41 per month
Good "Reliable speed, little slowdowns"
Bad "Extremely low usage caps, high overage fees and traffic throttling make it a really horrible option value"
Overall "While the deals can make Rogers look like a good choice, stay away if you like to do anything even slightly bandwidth intensive"
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-I had been a customer of Rogers since 2007, when I got a bundle with them (TV + Phone + Internet), so I am getting a $3.60 discount (the cost is the ($35.99 monthly price + $4 modem rental - $3.60 discount) + 13% Tax.-

So here's the thing: With Rogers, I can get a very reliable speed. With a 3mbit "Lite" plan, I have rarely, if ever, noticed any slowdowns, even at peak times.

However, this is all negated by the low usage caps. Rogers/Bell is probably the only company that had lowered the usage cap over time, while also increasing overage fees to truly ridiculous levels. The Lite plan was Unlimited at first, which was then brought down to 60GB, then down to 25GB + $2.50/GB overage, before going down finally to 15GB + $4/GB overage recently. I had been "lucky" to get in when the cap was 25GB. It might have worked earlier, but not anymore. The last few months had been really rocky ones, with me regularly going over. This has all culminated in me finally cancelling Rogers for Distributel (actually, I had been looking at Teksavvy, but they have a stop sell in my area, and the DSL service would requite dryloop fees. Boo...)

Anyone looking to get in now: FORGET IT. 15GB is useless for anything other than basic web surfing, even then, you might have to use Opera Turbo or other options depending on how much you surf. Even light YouTube usage can get you slammed with $4/GB overage fees.

[Just to put it in perspective: Internet usage costs almost nothing, bandwidth is the one that costs the most. Capping usage also doesn't help congestion, which is caused by too many people using the Internet at the same time (think rush hour traffic), not how much they used. Also, bandwidth is a non-limited resource. And the best part? Gas, which is a limited resource, costs $3/gallon.]

If you're looking for a good internet service, I would suggest looking at Teksavvy, Distributel, Acanac or ElectronicBox if you're in the GTA region. Check the forums for service availability, and check their plans for ones that would suit you. More often than not, they would be just as affordable, and you also don't have to worry about overages.

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