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Review by Treegravy See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Steady uptime for most of 10+ years"
Bad "CAPS are bad mmmkay."
Overall "Reasonable if you're not a power gamer or a downloader or Netflixer"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We're old subscribers from the Rogers@Home days when there were no such things as 'allowances'. The service has always been reasonably reliable and as such when an outage occurred it's been a surprise. That still holds true for the most part. We've never had to rely on Rogers' technical support for any clients that we needed configuring and never used the Rogers provided software from day one. I wouldn't recommend installing any of that since available third party tools are readily available that do a better job of managing your service and security than what's provided.

I took extreme issue with Rogers initially instituting allowances and downgraded our service at that time. When the fees became too high for that downgraded service we downgraded our service again. When Rogers lowered their allowances for new subscribers just as Netflix entered the Canadian market it signalled to us that it was time to consider alternatives.

Update May 2013:

We've sent our notice in and are currently awaiting activation from a competitor of Rogers' service. We undertook to change providers since Rogers doesn't care to honour a deal that we negotiated in good faith with them in order to retain our business. Specifically we were assured that the package and price we agreed to included a free modem rental for a year since we would have to move to a DOCSIS 3 device. Upon getting our first bill we noted the rental charge of seven ($7) dollars and promptly called to remind them of the bargain we'd struck. They were adamant that the modem rental wasn't included and since they wouldn't bend on that point we felt the service would have no value to us and proceeded with the cancellation process.

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Experiences in Rogers Services

A month ago, I moved my internet connection to Rogers and have been a disappointment ever since. Connection wasn't working because the modem Rogers tech gave me was different from their system so I was bumped to 3 different departments before someone was competent enough to change my model # to the recent one. Until now, I have been having bad internet connection in different times of the day and thinking of switching to a different provider. Stay away from Rogers Hi Speed internet. Not worth the headache and service is very bad.