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Review by quidnunc See Profile

  • Location: Richmond Hill,ON
  • Cost: $110 per month
Good "reliable, fast"
Bad "heavy use is expensive"
Overall "good product, declining value for money"
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I have had cable internet here since the mid 1990s when it was Shaw. The service has always been reasonably fast. The catch was that there were some years when there were regular outages - sometimes days and weeks; however the service has been very good in the last years. I can't remember the last time the service went down. There are few hours here and there late at night when they are doing maintenance but overall the service is very reliable.

The problem I have is internet use has evolved. Companies like Rogers want to protect their profits in cable television and turn their internet service into a cash cow. So me and my family actually using internet based services like Netflix or Steam puts us in a position where we run over our 95gb cap and the only option was to pay $50 extra a month, or ~$110 in total or change to a higher plan that is just as expensive and hope that cap is enough in the future. So when I heard Rogers was raising the maximum penalty for crossing the cap to $100 a month I had enough and switched to another provider. I already pay Rogers $150 a month for cable television - it seems like they also want to charge people like me $150 a month for internet which is ridiculous. I doubt I will get a product of similar quality from a third party internet provider but the value seems to be a lot better with a third party provider due to choices Rogers has made to punish and extract unreasonable rents from people who are early adopters of internet based services that will be common in the next few years.

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