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  • Location: Whitby,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.

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·TekSavvy Cable
I had all my services with Rogers, everything, family cellphones, home phone, internet and TV cable, then one day becuase of the home phone bill was not paid in time; few days late and I have never received the bill, they cut off my home phone outcalls!! It appears the postman in my neighborhood drops my mail by mistake to others and drops others mail to me, so the whole problem created by Canada Post a blind delivery man

At that time, I was very furious, I immediately phoned Rogers from my cellphone, and said cancel everything, do you hear me! cancel everyting even the dam cellphone I am using right now.

Rogers is a very very difficult organization to deal with, you have to deal with automated phone system for a long time, then the disaster after all this waiting, an idiot comes up and answer the phone. Even cancelling my service with this organization was not that simple, 30 days later, they refuse to admit that I made a request to cancel all my services, and continue billing me. This is a complete rouge organization, sometimes, you feel that you are dealing with a criminal organization called Rogers.

Since then I had my phone with Vonage, Cable Internet with Teksavvy, my TV is Netflix and Youtube, my cell phone is Public Mobile. In the past I gave all my business to Rogers, but they have dis-respected me, ignored me, and often put their hands in my wallet, by over charging and billing.
Good bye Rogers, I am a very happy person without you.

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