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Review by ChappyHappy See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough,ON
  • Cost: $63 per month
Good "Tech callout fee is included in monthly fee."
Bad "Erratic service. Expensive. Speed slower than advertised. Overage fees. Low caps."
Overall "Only got it cause of tech callout fee. Else I'd go with Indy ISP."
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Old 'Express': 10 down/0.512 up/60gb
New 'Express': 25 down/2 up/80gb

With Rogers for 14+ years and recently switched to their new DOCSIS 3.0 plans. Only switched cause the old plan was 60gb and new was 80gb for SAME PLAN NAME. God knows why I HAD TO switch (pay extra $5) to get the extra 20gb when it's not limited by the old DOCSIS 2.0 modem...

It promised faster speeds, which wasnt noticeable at all. I'd assume at least a more stable connection, but speeds are closer to dial-up speeds and simple sites such as google searches and facebook take 10mins to load and frequently timeout. Was able to stream from youtube at 720p on old plan, but now settling for 240p or 360p due to the constant buffering.

Price is a rip off also. Looking at their other packages, the Express is $1/gb, while the faster and more expensive Ultimate are $0.5/gb. Their Lite package is worst with $2.5/gb. Obviously the Indy ISP's value is significantly better in comparison.

Cant say much about install as I only had to go to a store to trade in old modem for new modem. The process took longer than expected though...even with no line-up...bunch of typing something on the computer.

Any of the Indy ISP would give better value. They have higher initial costs, but would save more around the 10month mark. The only reason I didnt switch is the tech callout fee is included (in the overpriced monthly fee).

Another 'issue' is that Rogers seems to be purposely sabotaging the Indy ISP's customer that are piggybacking Rogers network.

All things considered, I would suggest Bell...or better yet, a DSL Indy instead of cable.

I'm expecting an hour of haggling on the phone to keep the 20% discount next year (I know loads of people who are able to get 50% off). When I get fed up, I'll instantly switch over to an Indy DSL.

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