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Review by nsts See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,ON
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Not much."
Bad "Price gouging, random inexplicable charges, terrible customer service, ignorant/untrained/outsourced staff, borderline unethical"
Overall "I'd rather be on dialup if Rogers ever becomes the 'only' choice."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·WIND Mobile
$2.00 modem rental. After 5+ years, you still pay the $2 rental.

I had both Express and Extreme internet and later downgraded to Lite, because ontop of paying nearly $60/mo, they still penalize you for GB overages. So I controlled my downloading in hopes of saving money.

Occasionally, I'd be slapped with inexplicable overages on both my mobile phone and my internet.. but generally, after I complained, I was credited. I hear the same horror stories from everyone I know that is/ever was a Rogers customer. I believe they add odd charges because the odd person won't notice. They probably make a mint off what appears to be a strange $0.40 or $1.20 charge to several thousand customers. They did the same with long distance phone calls on my mobile phone.. numbers my call log showed as never dialed/received, etc.

At the end of my 3-year contract for my mobile phone*, I asked Rogers if they could price-match Teksavvy's package, which is exactly the same as Lite but double the bandwidth and half the cost.. after putting me on hold for 15 minutes, the tech comes back with a $49/mo price... more than I was currently paying.

I also mentioned that I had a basic cable package for the last several years that I'd tried to cancel repeatedly, I was always told by everyone I dealt with, that Cable TV is required for cable internet and I could not have one without the other.... when I mentioned this to the Rogers' "retention specialist", I was then informed that I COULD have cable TV canceled while keeping the internet!!! Even so, Rogers' Lite is STILL double the cost with less bandwidth than Teksavvy for the same speed.

I immediately called Teksavvy to set up and that is where the fun begins.. for a detailed report of Rogers' hostility, view the forum topic: »[Ultra/Lite] Rogers Bullies when cancelling

To make a long story short, if you have money to burn, enjoy being treated like a bottom-feeder by staff that aren't properly trained to handle the most basic technical situations.. then by all means, go with Rogers.

Oh, and instead of Rogers changing things around and learning from their mistakes.. (Rogers' internet is reliable, for the most part. Their customer service and technical staff need a major overhaul.. addressing these two issues could go a long way with customer retention) - inexpensive solutions, really.... but instead, they unleash a crybaby ad campaign trying to tell consumers it would be "unfair" to allow Verizon to bid on wireless spectrum and come to Canada etc etc etc... AND... this: »Is Rogers Slowly Crushing Indie ISP TekSavvy Through Inaction?

Of course, Rogers denies it. After the experience I had with Rogers upon trying to switch to Teksavvy certainly makes me believe all of the troubles Teksavvy is having with Rogers is intentional.

I signed up with Teksavvy knowing full well what was going on and I expected the transition to be bumpy, but I'm willing to put up with it just to get away from dealing with Rogers directly - plus, thanks to Wind Mobile and my UNLIMITED data plan (...also HALF THE COST of Rogers' mobile, and I have loads of more features.... which I am using to post this on my PC through my Blackberry's internet) I have a backup internet source, should Rogers be up to their old tricks again.

If you're considering Rogers, do your sanity a favor and go somewhere else!! Teksavvy and Start.ca are good cable alternatives with friendlier staff and reasonable prices.

Slightly off-subject: I've met a lot of former-Rogers staff recently and I learned that support staff each have an individual budget of $300 they can use to credit customer accounts (and they get heckled by upper management when they use it), and sales staff (instore and phone) are encouraged to milk customers in exchange for commissions. None of the former Rogers staff were the least bit surprised when I detail my cancellation experience... which cues to me that this is a common practice Rogers does to discourage customers from fleeing to resellers/wholesalers like Teksavvy and Start.ca

If you're a disgruntled Rogers customers stuck in a contract, try this: »smartcanucks.ca/how-to-terminate ··· cts-now/ --- wish I saw this before I finished my contract.. the amount of money I could have saved myself is painful to think about.

*I had a package deal on the phone/tv/internet bundle. (Or, so one would believe!) Such a "deal" wasn't really a 'deal' at all..

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Salvador rey


The worst service ever.

I have been with Roger for the past 6 years, but stupid me to wait for so long to realize that their cable services are the worst. Now I came from work at 12:30, and I star to see my shows at that time.Now I got the new digital box nad the service is a cheat.They cut my viewing at 2
:05 Am everyday.