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Review by koreyb See Profile

  • Location: East York,ON
  • Cost: $51 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Reliable, full service supplier... Reasonable deal (that I was able to get), FREE MOVE OF SERVICE"
Bad "Normal prices are awful, LARGE faceless company"
Overall "Nice when you get a win back deal, normal prices are not worth it."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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After many years, of being with TPIA Cable providers and Wholesale DSL providers, and many win back offers by Rogers before, ROGERS finally came out with a great WIN BACK offer, I just couldn't refuse, especially with an upcoming move.

3 months for free, $45 + tax after, 35x3 mb service, free install, free modem rental, no contract.

The service was exactly the same really as I had in the past from TPIA providers, accept it is clear Rogers treats their own customers with higher priority, offers speedboost, and overall seems to put more effort to providing the service.

I recently moved, and free moving really was a nice touch.

Sadly, with the move, we ended up taking a place, where OTA TV isn't fully available, and are in need for a TV service.

I got a great offer from another company for TV and internet, which Rogers couldn't match (not even close), so after the ridiculous 30 day cancellation period, I will be leaving again..

If you can get a great deal, and only want Internet, I would recommend them, as speeds where consistently fast and service as actually good. Less headaches with the games played by Rogers against TPIA customers. It just works. If you need TV with your internet, shop around....

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London, ON


You don't make note of your cap. This is an important piece of the price puzzle.
Open the Canadian Market NOW

East York, ON

The Cap

The deal I got had 300 gigs a month...

Dorchester, ON

Re: The Cap

Have same internet plan. Fyi who did u choose for tv. No ota here couple of. Stations only