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Review by LSTA See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $99 per month
Good "As fast as I can get; reliable; price just dropped (for lucky few)"
Bad "It's Rogers. Their site goes offline at 2am; you have to read all the fine print."
Overall "Sign up for 250mbps only; everyone else go to -- cheaper & friendly"
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I'll note that until two weeks ago, I was paying $142-144 each month. At this point I would only sign up with them for the 250mbps plan at $99/mth with free advanced modem rental. If you can't get that, don't bother, go with or another third-party reseller of the prior 150/10 plans.

So yeah, Rogers is Rogers. They're fantastic if you absolutely know what you're doing, keep testing your equipment and reading the specs, and ultimately can prove via tech support that you're not on the right plan via speed tests by ethernet.

My speeds, since last September, have consistently blown past what Rogers advertises. I was getting 220mbps on non-speedtest sites with the 150 plan thanks to SpeedBoost, and I get 327mbps now on the 250/20 plan. 9ms ping, 3ms jitter. Of course, this is over ethernet.

My only problem with Rogers are how you have to keep fighting them to get the best value. I'm certain in 3 months prices will rise again, perhaps no more free modem rental, and the cycle will start again. Rogers has been raising the wholesale rates on TPIAs for the 250 plan, and it's unclear if Rogers modems are compatible with the Rogers network when it comes to TPIAs. I've argued up to the office of the president that they should be compatible, and all I got was "if the TPIA says it's not compatible, we can't make them use it" which is completely backwards.

But like the wireless network, I keep on ending up back at Rogers because they really do offer the best network (at least for Ontario), both 3G/LTE and Cable. That said, I know how to play the game now, after 8 years with Rogers. So I'm on the Manitoba plan with Fido, formerly with Koodo, both month-to-month (FYI: No more 30 days cancel notice now for cellular!!!). And I called to complain about my internet pricing when I finally learned of the new pricing.

Ultimately, if you don't invest the time, Rogers is happy to take your dime... and you'll never get anything of value from them.

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