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Review by MrWhsprs See Profile

  • Location: Skokie,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great DL speed; no contract; decent price; friendly (USA based?) rep."
Bad "No discount for using your own cable modem."
Overall "Much better value than the regular price of Comcast."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
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The only other option in this area for cable internet is Comcast. We (my wife and I) had been using Comcast cable internet at a $35/mo promotional price under a two year contract. The contract was about to expire and the price would then go up to more than $60/mo, so I called Comcast and asked what promos or pricing deals they could offer. I spoke with two different reps, including one in the retention department, and explained that RCN's 25/2 cable internet is $40/mo. I also stated that for financial reasons I could really not do more than $40/mo for internet. Though the reps were friendly and seemed sympathetic, the best they could offer was $10 off of the normal (>$60) price.

I called RCN on a Friday afternoon and very quickly got through to a real human, and one who spoke English in a very clear and understandable manner at that. Also, she gave me not only the 866 number in case I needed to call back, but also her specific extension so I would be able to get through to her specifically! I don't recall ever being able to do so with Comcast.

I asked some questions about various service options and that went smoothly, with the rep being very helpful and friendly. It was slightly disappointing to find out that there would be no discount for using our own cable modem (which we'd been using with Comcast) so we chose to have RCN use their own modem instead. I placed the order for internet service and that was also a smooth process. They had install appointments available the following day, Saturday, with our choice (as I recall) of 8-11a, 11a-2p, or 2p-5p. We selected the 2p-5p option.

The installer showed up shortly before 4p as I recall, and he was done by 4:15p. As we'd been connected to Comcast previously and already had the drop in place and the wall jack and such, he only had to go up to the line on the utility pole and switch our drop from the Comcast to the RCN box, then come into the house and hook up the RCN-supplied cable modem.

While he was up on the ladder by the utility pole, the installed pulled the cable drop more taut at the pole to raise it higher over the yard. It had been so low previously that I could almost touch it just by reaching up. That seemed like a very nice, above-and-beyond-what-was-required thing for him to do. The Comcast installer two years ago had not bothered to take the 30 seconds to do so.

The cable modem that RCN provided is a Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 ver 2.1, manufactured in August 2008. The information accessible via is somewhat sparse compared to our owned SB5101 we were using with Comcast, but that's not a big deal.

The service we ordered is the 25Mbps download / 2Mbps upload, and so far speed tests bear out those speeds as accurate. Ping times seem to be low and we haven't noticed any slowdowns or lag during peak times of day. For a total price of $39.99/mo (including use of RCN provided modem), it seems like a pretty good value in general, and a much better value than the >$60/mo Comcast internet plan at similar speeds.

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