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Review by Wasted_Elmo See Profile

  • Location: Elmhurst,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $189 per month
Good "75%"
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being an RCN costumer for a long while i left TWC in the late 90's cause of the internet package RCN had going way faster then TWC

at the time i got RCN they hooked me up at no charge for first time installation 3Mb down 1Mb up topping the 1.5/768Kbps TWC was giving out and this was not true on TWC cause their network was flooded with users so you hardly see those speeds even with their association and purchase of AOL TWC was still not getting better

RCN supported their connections speeds and till this day they still do

when i first had RCN full package ran about $280+ and if i am not mistaken this was '98 but they still price this for full status package meaning triple play with movie package

now i would pay about 189 triple basic package with a Downstream Limit:78000000 Upstream Limit: 11000000 with two basic motorola top boxes and a TiVo DVR with a cisco cable modem

these stats come from the modem data speed net would capture me at 71+ depending on day and time lowest 65Mbps witch aint bad

but now verizon fios is here in my building and my cousin made the switch
so i am sad to say its been a long run but for 153 for installation including first month
and 124 a month after for two yrs aint bad.. so sorry RCN you have been great its been fun callings Costumer Service and hearing :we see your one of our loyal costumers thank you: is warming but my pockets are getting lighter so for now thank you.. your loyal costumer Ron

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