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Review by cchhat01 See Profile

  • Location: Elmhurst,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $32 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "$35/mo (-$3 if you have your own modem), 50 down/6 up, tech support is USELESS"
Bad "price increases after 1 year, but you can cancel and have someone else in the household sign up"
Overall "They were a good service up until 2013, now speeds at night are about 10-20% of advertised speed"
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·Verizon FiOS
Been with RCN for a while now. We save on the monthly rental fee because we're stingy. We alternate the service every year when the price increases. The service is reliable (as in very few outages).

In my many years with them, I can say that they have had outages that I can count on the fingers on one hand. No problems during hurricane Sandy. The most I've seen them have problem with is a signal loss due to a fiber cut, for which I was credited my downtime.

We used to have the 25/2 service on a docsis 2 modem. This year we signed up for 50/6 on the docsis 3. Speeds go down during peak times 7pm-11:30pm (weekdays) to less than half of 50mbps (which is around 5-15mbps down). I've swapped out about 3 docsis 3 modems and they all exhibit the same slowdowns on RCN.

I would switch if FiOS played ball with a good deal (free dvr for life). I seriously hope they fix the speed problems.


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New York, NY

These issues could be resolved

Give them a call, ask to speak with level 3 support
Explain them the situation. They may dispatch a tech - if they do, make sure that:

a. It's a level 3 tech
b. the tech only shows up during the issue

That will push them to do a node split and solve all the bandwidth issues

I deal with them on the business side
You just need to push for it and it can happen

Bethlehem, PA

Re: These issues could be resolved

I have pushed, had the tech come, they know there is an issue. They still don't seem to care.

»[Connectivity] Connectivity / Speed issues / Bethlehem PA