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Review by Ender3rd See Profile

  • Location: East Granby,Hartford,CT
  • Cost: $158 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Reliable, delivers the promised 24000/4000 to my area, excellent gameplay and low pings,"
Bad "Poor communication between Cox Contractors and Cox Technical Support can slow repairs."
Overall "The MaxNet Bundle is saving me 30 bucks a month after dropping ATT phone service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I currently subscribe to the MaxNet Cox bundle and now receive all 3 digital services offered. The end result is about a 30 dollar savings by dropping ATT and getting the bundled price.

My phone installation went in fine and the transition with my phone number was seamless. The voice quality is better than the phone service with ATT which exhibited hum and clicks and other annoyances that apparently could not be corrected due to imbalances in the ancient lines running along the old country roads out here. Contrary to what the Cox sales rep said, it appears that depending on the cause, the phone can die right along with the internet and TV if there is a problem. That is no surprise to me, in fact I was surprised when the sales rep insisted that would not happen. Ah well, I can simply report any outages with my cell phone... To be honest, there has been only one outage over the past year and it was resolved in under 30 minutes.

The digital TV service with HDTV works very well. My signal levels at the tap are very healthy and I have not had any viewing issues in any room in the house. The HD picture quality is outstanding with no tiling, stuttering, audio dropouts or evidence of heavy compression when viewing sports or regular programming. Initially, there were signal level issues in my area, but Cox was diligent and rolled the line techs and trucks to replace suspect hardware. It has been totally reliable since those upgrades in 2007.

The MaxNet bundle moved me to the top internet tier of 24000/4000 and I usually exceed those numbers here. In fact, Cox recently threw the switch on their Docsis 3.0 upgrades and after installing my new Motorola SB-6120 I get sustained downloads of 25 Mbps and sustained uploads in excess of 5 Mbps. They are currently providing my area with 3 channel bonding on the downstream. With powerboost I see in excess of 60 Mbps download. My latest speedtest.net result is shown below.

I also have excellent pings when gaming online. Signal levels to the modem have been excellent over the past year through all kinds of outdoor temperature ranges.

My interactions with Cox have always ended up in a satisfactory manner when I have contacted them to report an issue with service. My experience with the Cox contractors that are usually sent out first by Tier One reps has been mixed. When a real Cox technician shows up they are always able to get things squared away very quickly. I would rate my total Cox experience as excellent.

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