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  • Location: Mesa,Maricopa,AZ
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(original post)
I am not a gamer.
Dynamic address (never checked to see if address changes - never needed to)
Speed 3000/256 from dslreports speed tests.
Self install = easy and no problems.
Purchased own cable modem - linksys - hardly ever needs to be reset.
I have cable TV which saves me $15.
Any more expensive and will be forced to switch to lower service such as slower DSL service.

(updated post Aug2004)
Almost 1 year anniversary with Cox:
1. Still not a gamer.
2. Still have never checked to see if IP changes.
3. Speed improved speeds to 4000/256+
4. Linksys cable modem running great - 2 reset in an entire year.
5. The TV discount is appreciated.
6. I am getting use to fee per month.
7. I do not use Cox email so I have no comments on that.
8. I agree with Cox in "filtering" out going mail (residential service), but I still wish they were not so busy.
9. Wish had "just internet service". I do not need Cox Email or any other extra's.
10. I do not run a server or run p2p applications so I have no comments on those.

Updated June2005
Seems very stable.
Speed is still very good.
I use a 3rd party email service, and going through Cox to get to them is a pain in the butt. I wish I knew a way to send email directly through my email provider with out having to go through Cox, and not using a web email account. Cox limit on file size is a joke - something like 2 megs.

Updated Nov2005
Email seems to have improved and the limits raised.
99.9% up time so far.

Update March2006
Speed up to 5Mb on download - Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update March 2007
Speed still at 5Mb on download.
The neighborhood I live was new when we moved in to it.
Over the last several years I have noticed that the speed have generally been getting better - 1 full year at 5Mb down, but.....
What I have noticed is that it is not as quick as it use to be. Put in a web address and click, 1,2,3,4 seconds before it connects. Now that the neighbor hood is fully built out, my guess is that I am seeing the effects of a fully built out neighbor hood. The other thing is that IE7 has really slowed surfing on the web. Then again the latest Norton '07 slowed up my computer a lot.
I still think the price is still higher than I would think it should be for a residential user, but the quality of the tv signal and internet speed has kept me as a loyal customer.

Update May31,2007
Just got a new linksys router.
Checked download speed: 7,900 down, 512 up.
The net just gets faster and faster!

Update April28,2008
I think most of my previous problems with IE7 being slow was fixed with the new router.
I also believe that Norton was causing some problems.
With a new router, and Norton gone my connection is fast and stable.
I have really backed off my home use of the internet because my day job is sucking up so much of my time.

Update April 22, 2008.
My day job is limiting how much I use the internet, and I personally have not been on it much. The rest of the family says they have not had any problems. I guess no news is good news.

Update March 10, 2010
About 9 months ago I bought a new linksys router. After we had an electrical storm the linksys router stopped working. Replaced with new and all is good.

Thankfully I have a day job in this down economy, but I have almost no time to do anything on the internet. The family uses it and has had no problems.

Updated May 25, 2010
I just realized that I have gone through 3 Linksys routers, but I am still running on the same Linksys cable modem for 7 years!
I am still working lots away from home, so family at home are the only users on the Cox internet.
No complaints from them on internet.
Seems fast to them, and never seems down.

Updated Nov 11, 2010
Since my last update a couple of things have happened.
Since I was working away from the house so much, I did not realize that the modem was needing near daily power cycling because it was locking up.
My kids knew what to do to get the internet working and they just took care of it and never told anyone.
Well, the old linksys modem from 2003 finally locked up and would not reset.
So I got a new docsys 3.0 modem with a new Linksys N router.
Everything seemed better for a while, then the modem started locking up.
I got online with Cox automated support and checked everything, but still having problems. Then I talked with a real person at tech support, but still had problems so they set up an appointment for a tech to come out. He arrived as scheduled, and took a look at the setup. He stated that cox was having minor problems with sync'ing with the 3.0 routers and my choice was to deal with random restarting the modem or going down to a 2.0 modem. He them offered to check all the existing wiring. He found nothing wrong, but offered to put on all new connection and a new splitter where the wiring came in to the house. Remember the house is built in 2003.
Honestly, I had planned on getting a 2.0 router, but I got busy and totally forgot about it. 2 weeks later I asked my family how many times they had to reset it and they responded "none" since the tech came out. So what ever he did "fixed" the modem and we have no had to reset it and that has been about a month now. Before the tech left I asked if there would be a $50 charge for him coming out and found that it was not my equipment. He said he did not know and would submit the paper work showing there was nothing wrong with my house wiring or equipment. I have not received a bill yet... The tech was courteous and professional and answered all my questions no matter how silly they were.

Update: 22nov2010
Last couple of days the speeds have dropped off to dial up.
I have reset my modem and router and still really slow speeds.

Update: As of the first of the year (Jan 2011) I have moved and I am no longer in Cox territory.

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