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Review by HogRider See Profile

  • Location: Phoenix,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Speed!!"
Bad "Poor customer support - too expensive."
Overall "If there was an alternative - I would leave today!"
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I am with Cox since about 5 years now. The only time when there were really serious problems was in early 2002 (as far as I remember) when the switch from @home to Cox happened. I rarely experience any downtime and if it's very short. The tech supports is poor. The "have you rebooted your computer" type. But on the good side - I didn't have to call them in 2 years I started with 25 Dollars a month and now I pay 40.

The only thing that bothers me is that they seem to be targeted a lot more by Spammers than others and their Spam filter, which used to work great in the beginning, seems to let all the Spam through again. I am about to change my Email address again because of that. I use Hotmail for basically everything (sign up here free yada yada) and I get one or two Spam Emails a day. With Cox I get 10 or more daily and I haven't given this Email address to anybody, besides a few friends. Can't really figure this one out.

Update: Cox has increased the download speed to about 6 MB. I haven't had an issue or any problem with Cox in almost 3 years now, as a matter of fact I just switched my telephone service to Cox also.

The issue with Spam filter is ongoing. I have switched my Email address and have no problems now, but a lot of folks I know are still getting loaded with Spam, despite having the Cox provided Spam Filter on. I think that shouldn't happen.

Update: (Feb 2006). Had multiple downtimes in the last 3 month and serious issues browsing, while regular speed test always come out OK and Email seems to work fine. They seem to have a problem with their DNS servers once in a while. Customer support is completely unresponsive. I don't even call them anymore.

I have changed my main Email address and the SPAM stopped. So far so good - will see when the Email collection robots find this one and the Spam will start all over again. I keep my fingers crossed.

Update: (Aug 2007). Still a satisfied customer. No real problems (didn't have to call them). One outage for a few hours, other than that there are no problems. No problems with spam either.

Update: (June 2008) Got a new cable modem ( Scientific Atlanta) a few weeks ago and now my speeds are now between 8000 and 15000 Kbps down and about 530 Kbps up. Nothing else to report - service is reliable and there were only a very few short downtimes.

Update (Sept 2009). No Problems. Occasional a short downtime, but nothing big. Recent Speedtest to Speakeasy (Southern Cal): Down: 19337 UP: 1897 No Complaints

Update (Sept 2012) Wow time flies - 3 years since the last post. I am still with Cox but only for the reason, that there is no good alternative. They keep raising the price without offering anything in return. I pay 65 Dollars now. Get 20 MB down and 5 MB up (which I don't need, my 2 MB up was fast enough). Now we also have a download cap (it use to be "unlimited") and the free web space I used for hosting my small web site was canceled also - for cost savings.... Thanks Cox! I think this ISP is way too expensive and if Century Link would be better I'd switch today. I really sucks when you live in an area where one company has a monopoly.

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