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Review by huntermcdole See Profile

  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost: $45 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Nice Speed, Easy Install"
Bad "Transfer of Service Locks Account, Cost keeps going up."
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

-- Updated Jan 23, 2014 --

Service is still going strong, only issue is the ever increasing price. I am around $70 per month now for internet access. I started around 2004 at $45 per month and it has increased by about $3-$5 per year. I did a 2 year price lock to try to keep my whole bill down to about $110 for both cable and internet.

-- Updated June 21, 2012 --

Got the new DOCSYS 3.0 modem. Lots of problems getting it activated.

Bought the modem at the Cox store since it was around the same cost as online. Sales person asked if I would like the modem activated on my account so I could just hook it up and go. I said sure. That's where all my problems started.... Got home and hooked it up expecting that it would just work. Nope, it wasn't activated.

Called support and spoke to a lady about it and she said they could activate it. Gave her my MAC address(multiple times as she couldn't seem to type it correct) then she got a manager to activate it.. No go, it wouldn't activate. She said they would need send a tech to my house to look at it and offered to re-activate my old modem. This also failed as it's no longer a supported modem, so she said there must be a problem between them and the modem.... She said the soonest they could send someone was 5pm the next day, and if it was an "inside" problem it would be $50 unless I signed up for a $5 service... Pissed I signed up for the $5, this whole thing took an hour on my cell since I only have VoiP during which time the store closed....

Called support back about 1 hour later and guy tried to activate the modem, it was still a no go so we would have to wait for the appointment...

Posted a message on DSLReports and got a reply that I should try again since it took them a few tries to get someone that knew how to activate a modem.... Tried back about 3 hours after my first call and got another guy. He asked me to verify the MAC in my ticket and found the lady had typed it wrong even after repeating it 4-5 times, 1st guy never even asked to verify it... Modem was activated finally, but there was an issue with my router getting a ip address, tech suggested I power it down for 12 hours and try again, which I did. Upon powering back up it still wouldn't pull and IP address. Hooked directly to my computer got an ip and then cloned my MAC on my router so I could hook it up. problem seems to be an issue with the Cisco Modem and my Buffalo router running DD-WRT

-- Updated November 10, 2011 --

No real problems with service since 2007, I have gone back to the normal tier for online gaming. Recently disconnects have been happening, but from the sound of it it might be my modem again, since 2007 I have had 3 modems ( 1st one was a Linksys Modem a bad firmware got pushed to it... 2nd was a Motorola Surfboard 5120 it just died one day ... most recent is a Linksys CM100 and it appears that multiple people are starting to have issues w/ this modem. Looking at getting a DOCSYS 3.0 modem, and will see how it goes. Costs are still going up though

-- Updated August 15 2007--

Changed to lower tier to lower price. Am happier now than I was before due to it being close to Qwest's price. Have 1.5 x 256. At first I though I would have 512 upload but they had wrong info on the web but I don't upload much anyway so 256 is fine.

-- Original Review --

Started with Cox 2 years ago and they are great. Not sure if I made the right choice buying a modem since it looks like that one is out of date and I need to buy a new one. Moving cause a little bit of a problem in that you account is locked until you call them after it is hooked up.

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