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Six Month Rating

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Review by liht See Profile

  • Location: Scottsdale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $105 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Quick setup, very speedy"
Bad "Seems a bit expensive"
Overall "Great service"
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My Other Reviews

I ordered my basic cable and HSI last thursday or so and asked for it to be installed on 6/9. I opted for the fast connect self installation. I called in today and gave them my MAC and SN for my modem, and voila, it worked. They had activated it a day early which was fine. I immediately jumped on and ran a speed test and I have a very stable 5Mbit/512KBps (or so). No problems so far.

*update as of 9/28/07*
Cable internet has still been pretty good. They had to come replace some device outside because it was getting too hot during the summer and killing internet
speeds and messing up the tv signal. But yeah...speeds are still great; speeds average 7mb down, 512k up. The speed boost is nice!. Tv could be better (audio tends to loose sync and i have to reboot the box). Anyways...yeah. hooray.

*update as of 4/2/08*
Still on good ol cox (not much else around though).
Speeds are up to 12mbit down, still 512k up though (ack). Digital cable was pissing me off after 2 new boxes so I got rid of it and went with basic. Anyways, hooray for cox internet!

*update as of 1/13/09*
Still works...still fast...no issues yet. Hope to upgrade to cox HD soon...

*update as of 2/1/11*
Worked great up until about 2 months ago when I had to cancel cox because I lost my home in a shortsale. At least my last bill was only $13.

*update as of 8/27/11*
Have the premier service, works as expected. Can't really complain...better than qwest. Just wish the "basic" tv service wasn't so friggin expensive.

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