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Review by jeckler See Profile

  • Location: Mesa,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "Good speed, very little interruptions"
Bad "Prices getting higher with little added benefits"
Overall "My only choice at the moment."
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We moved from Charter in GA to Cox in AZ. I wish Cox offered the same guide setup and box that Charter did. We used to have a Motorola box, and now have an SA. The TV guide, IMO, sucks. The only good thing I've found is that you can continue watching TV in a little window while trying to navigate the guide.

The channels don't really follow any grouping. Sports channels are all over the place, along with kids channels, and learning channels. The locals are kinda near the bottom, but some of the news channels are mixed in there as well.

When we signed up, they threw all kinds of different packages at us. Some with HSI and phone, some without, others with, along with different tiers (they offer about 5 of those alone). We thought we were getting On-Demand too, but the button does nothing on the remote, and I can't see it as a "channel" in the guide.

On the HSI side, $59 buys you an SA modem that's yours to keep. We're on the 7mb plan, but consistently have gotten around 11mb. There's been one loss of service since we got it, but it only lasted a few hours.

We did self install, as I have my Vonage router, wireless AP, 3 PC's and a PVR, cable box, VCR, and auto-switcher to hook up. There was no way I was going to run the install CD for the HSI side, so I just hooked up the laptop directly to the modem, and had to call in to get activated. I was up in 5 minutes. I did have to call back to get the default email and password, which also gives me access to the online tools.

So far my biggest "issue" is the non-user friendly guide.

UPDATE 02/23/11: I got the "system" message today so figured now was as good a time as any to update. They've improved the channel grouping a little bit. On-demand is now working (it actually wasn't even available in my market when I first wrote the review) and a guide update occurred a month or so ago.

Still pretty reliable. Only had one or two outages and they only lasted a few hours at most.

Prices are through the roof. We pay close to $140 for TV w/1 digital box and 1 tier, preferred internet and basic phone (no LD). We're too far away from the CO for decent DSL and 4G broadband isn't available yet from what I can find.

I suppose I could call and threaten to cancel unless I can get something like the 30/30/30 deal, but I can't have my bluff called.

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