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Review by Iggy_AZ See Profile

  • Location: Surprise,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Getting more expensive and less speed."
Bad "Expensive"
Overall "Better than DSL"
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In 2005 my original price was $49.99 per month and that is long gone. LOL

I have been with Cox.Net since Nov 2005. The hookup was easy and painless and my speeds has been consistently over 12 Mbps and up to 22Mbps at times. $49.99

UPDATE Feb 2008
Surprise! Please pay $59.95 per month just because we named the new download to PowerBoost.

UPDATE Starting March 2008
You are now paying $59.95 a month

UPDATE Jan 2009
Cox is increasing Premium users to over 20 Mbps down and 2 Mbps plus upload side. We will wait and see if they increase it again.

UPDATE April 2009 (This was a good time but that will vaporize soon)
$59.95 17-22 MB/sec download and 4-5 MB Upload

UPDATE Sept 2009 (Speeds are slowing downing)
$59.95 17MB/Sec download and 1.7 MB/sec Upload
Looks like things are slowing down for Cox
We also are getting for outages in my local area and they replace the part and the speed drops more each time.

UPDATE Nov 2009
Speed has stabilized between 17-20 Mbps download
Upload runs between 3-5 Mbps
Never have any outages unless a car hits a pole somewhere.lol

UPDATE March 16, 2010
Seems they want to increase the price again for $5 more and tell me they are increasing my speed. NOT
It is the exact same speed I had in Nov 2008 but they say they are increasing it.
17-20 Mbps down and 3-5 Mbps Up. LOL

UPDATE Dec 2010
Now my Internet access cost me $64.99 per month plus taxes.
You remember back in 2005 it was $49.99 and I have never asked for any change. The copper wire to my house must be gold now. NOT
I just checked my speed and it was lucky if I got 5G Download and 5 G Upload. What a waste of money.

UPDATE Jan 1, 2011
DL Speed has been dropping from 20 MBps to 3-5 MBps
This has been going on for over a week and on Jan 7 I started calling. Tried everything and had 2 techs come out and did upgrade my cable but still no solution.
I hate paying for somethig I don't get. Time to downgrade or change totally. $64.99 a month of HSI is outragious.

UPDATE Feb 16,2011
After Cox told me my modem was bad after years of good use I decided to buy a new one . Motorola SB6120 with 4 channel DOSIS 3.0. So that was an additional expense of $80 but I wanted to save some money and called to downgrade my service speed as I didn't use it. Well they asked if they gave me $10 off a month for a year help if I stayed with them for 2 years. I decided $120 off was fine with me for a year and then the price goes back to normal with my locked in price for life.
OK I'll stay awhile longer.

UPDATE Nov 1, 2011
Service has been very reliable with no outages. Speed has been high and stable around 22 meg download and 12 meg upload.
All I can say is that I wish the price would go down to make it better but I doubt it will happen.

Aug 2012
Backup to $65 a month plus all the taxes for everyone in the government
I might consider dropping the speed down as it means nothing to us just surfing the web and emails. Waste.

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Avondale, AZ


I dropped cox down the lowest speed called the Essential. 3Meg down and 384K UP.
You get 50 Gig a month for overall allowance instead of 200 Gig with the more $$$$ plans.

With 3 Meg I still can stream movies and get decent downloads.

It's 39.99 per month after the 19.99 6 month trial.

Cox will tell you that this package isn't good for anything other than internet and email, but they just want to sell you the most $$$$ package.

Netflix works without any issues.

Surprise, AZ

Re: Essential

Thanks for the information.
I may do that but how can I find out how much I use now of the 200Gig?