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Review by dfrandin See Profile

  • Location: Las Vegas,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $41 per month
Good "Stays up *most* of tthe time.."
Bad "When down, tier 1 support is clueless.."
Overall "Cheaper/higher speed than any DSL I can get at this location"
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Connection Reliability:
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My Other Reviews

Came home the other night, had some pressing business to take care of online, found my connection was down, cycled the modem several times, modem would not acquire. So I went to dinner. This happens somewhat often and usually comes back in a short while. While waiting for dinner, turned tv on.. 100% snow! About 2 hrs later, went back to see if outage had passed, no luck... So I bit the bullet and called support.. Was forced to go thru the mindless automated troubleshooting, and after it was unable to ping my modem, was handed off to a script-reader. I asked them when the outage in my area was estimated to be corrected.. He told me he showed no outage, and wanted me to go thru the "disconnect modem from router, connect direct to computer"... I reminded him of the tv AND HSI outage... The drone kept insisting there was no outage... Having had this same exact scenario happen about every 3-4 months, I decided to call it a night, and sure enough, the next morning, all was working again... A coworker at my dayjob worked as a Cox support tech for a while, and told me the tier 1 support people have two screens that show outages, one right in front of them, showing global outages, and another, where they have to get up and go look at, that shows localized outages... Apparently this is a case of either lack of knowledge or lazyness. Cox HSI is pretty good, as long as you don't need to call support, and from reading some of the horror stories about some other Cable HSI providers service/support, I thank my lucky stars I have Cox in my location...

UPDATE on 7/29/11: For the last few months, I've had a somewhat random disconnection problem. Every few weeks, I will go thru a several day period where my connectivity just stops randomly. A release of IP via my routers webpage, pull power to the modem, wait a sec, power back on, wait for modem to acquire, renew IP, release/pwr cycle/renew again, and voila! connectivity is back.. for awhile.. when the disconnects are happening, sometimes I get no more than 10-15 min between disconnects. These waves of disconnects come in about a 2-3 week interval. When they are not happening, the connection is flawless. This has been going on for well over a year, If not for the fact that Cox has the highest speed connection in the Las Vegas valley, I'd have dumped them quite a while ago. I've had the modem signals scoped by one of the DSLReports Cox employees who said the levels were fine. A later tech said they were too high and had me put an attenuator inline.. No change. I've escalated this to the local tech manager, and their latest claim is that my modem is not "approved" by Cox... When I asked them why then is it still listed on their approved list webpage, I got a lot of silence.. The modem is a Linksys BEFCM10 v3, and have tried a second unit of the same model, does the same thing.. I'm highly averse to changing to another brand (or even a newer model Linksys) as this modem is the old flat-blue case style and allows me to stack my Linksys router and modem into a slot where any other modem would not fit. I'm in the process of writing a letter to Cox Corporate and see if I can get any assistance from the higher-ups.. Another interesting note: when the modem loses connectivity, all of the status lights on the front of the unit stay the same, AND very tellingly, I am able to release/renew DHCP (via the router webpage) during this time, which I would be unable to do if the modem was defective. I have it on good authority (a friend in Utah, who works for Comcast as a senior HSI/Cable plant engineer with 15+yr exp) that the disconnects I describe sounds VERY much like an oversold node.. So keep this in mind when considering Cox...

UPDATE on 12/7/11: Got tired of the seemingly random disconnects seen above, so went out and bought a Motorola SB5120 modem about 3 months ago. I needed a reliable network connection as I was planning on dropping my expensive wireline phone and going with Vonage VOIP. Modem was swapped, and for about a month the connection was absolutely rock-solid. I have a remotely colocated Linux server that I run several websites on, and which also runs a monitoring service that pings my cablemodem/network periodically and IMs me when the system is un-reachable. After this month of flawless operation, I began seeing both on the monitoring app and when I would be working at the computer, since the modem sits directly above my main computer, disconnects on the cablemodem where the online, send and recieve lights would go out for about 5 seconds, the recieve light would then flash for about 5 seconds, and go solid, then the send light would do the same, and finally the online light, at which time I'd be back online. These occurrances happen on a random basis, where days-weeks may go by between occurrances, then I may get 2-3 of them in a short several hour period. Fortuantly, Vonage seems to take these "burps" in stride. The Linksys modems required a power cycle to get back online. Since I've now seen these interruptions on 3 different cablemodems. 2 of one brand/model and 1 of another brand/model, ALL of which are on Cox's "approved" list, despite what I was told by several Cox employees regarding the Linksys BEFCM10.

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