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Review by cadillact See Profile

  • Location: Chula Vista,San Diego,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Cox did a major network upgrade in my area in the end of 2012"
Bad "As of today not really anything. Some people might say price but not me."
Overall "Well its either cox or 24 Mbit DSL."
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Well I got a IM from the "system" here to do a review of my ISP.

So its going to be based on 9 years with Cox.

Last 2 years in the apartment-----> No connection problems. Didn't test bandwith

Two years in the condo------> No connection problems. Didn't test bandwith

Five years in the house------> First 4 years no problem really. Did test bandwith

Now we come to the last year. After the last wildfire last year, that is when it started. It was slow only during peak hours. (I have now 15/2 premiere) I have had 2 techs out here and the problem is not at my house. Finally after some talk with an UBER specialist, it was "some" equipment along the route. Speed was good enough again in May-08 during peak hours. I have NEVER had any problems off peak hours. Before they changed my speed from 12/1 to 15/2 my upload speed when tested, was never off more than 30 kb always around 1.08 Mbit.
I have asked if my node is or was congested and one tech says it is and another says it's not.

Today, 27 July-08 when I tested my bandwith during peak hours. I was all over the place from 3 to 17 and everything in between. It is now July-28 at 1am and speed is back to fast mode again. The funny thing is that I have asked SEVERAL Cox techs this "What speed am I supposed to have during peak hours" Still have not got a straight answer from them.

So how long is peak hours?
Well it varies, the peak last longer during the weekend, usually to midnight in general. During weekdays it usually to between 10:00 to 11:00PM.

Speed during peak, this is for late July-08
Speedwise it varies, today was the worst I have seen for a while. But I usually get around 7-8 Mbit or better during peak. Enough for me to not call cox at least.

I still think the node is congested but I'm going to wait to see if it gets worse or better during peak. I need more tests before I decide to call Cox or not. I will also see later on when I play the more bandwith hungry games if I lag or not.


Well Cox has upgraded their network in my area so since oct-nov 2012 it has been superb. NO slowdowns, not even during peak hours. It took some time for Cox to do it.(a couple of years). But hey better late then never.

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