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Review by quaker See Profile

  • Location: Rocky River,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $65 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Nice speed"
Bad "tv service needs to be ala carte"
Overall "great internet service"
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just moved into apt next to me all i got to say about moving the service it was painful. First off i told them to turn it on in new place on the 1st which did happen modem fired up and everything was fine. then i get home that night and find out that modem is not connect to internet, i get a install cox page loading up when opening browser ( which errored out so i have to call tech support to get it fixed). so i call tech support man oh man i wanted to kill the automated service worst ever. so i started going through the automated service its saying it can fix it so I'm like OK,start going through the step and come to find out all its doing is very basic stuff which doesn't help me in the first place. so i try to talk to agent press 0 and the automated service is like lets try one more thing keep pressing 0 finally gets me in line for an agent. First off i pay 90 bux a month not to talk to an automated service so give me a choice not throw me into it and say its going to fix my issue. finally get to an agent she told me it my modem still had my old cfg and modem didn't like that so she got the new cfg into the modem hang up and come to realize that i cant get over 50kb/s so i call up again try my best to skip over the automated service get to an agent and he tells me that he has to send a tech out cause of high ping and signal noise.

Ok you would think when they turn on the service for a customer they would test and make sure that the service is up to par on there end. why should moving a service be this difficult when it was working fine earlier in the day and now you tell me you have to come out to fix it. come on now take the extra steps!

also to added about the service routing is horrible box's that are at a datacenter in the US and have decent pings and can barely pull 150kb/s ( doesnt matter the time of day).


cox is getting better added the hd channels to tv cox service really enjoy that, just sucks that you cant just get that with out the sd package or have something like basic channels on sd and hdonly that would be really nice. they keep adding more more hd channels more the better i dont even watch sd channels any more. the internet part is yet to be said. well ask for help in forum and the tech had teh engineer call me and supposly there splitting the node so hopeful this fix the speed issues i have


noticed that me bill went up $45 for internet jeez and still havent split the node i dont know how they can justify that


they finally split the node much much better speeds. also had to cancel there hd service and downgrade to limited basic cause hd was way to expensive $60 for basic and hd. cox needs to work on there tv package most people i know just want hd only channel and not have to have 2 other packages that you dont need( basic,digital service). there customer service has been decent.


Been all quiet on on problem with my service. Speeds during peak times are kinda poor but i can deal with it. Price could be much cheaper... added basic cable service and there trying to push people over to the digital service which is way too expensive and free HD come on now its not free lol it included in the price. i pay around $100 for cable and internet.


Moved my service and also replaced modem with a docsis 3 modem which is the best thing to have. The moving of service from the internet needs some work,but all in all everything is working and up to speed.


Internet service is still great, i'm 4x4 on up/dn channel bonding.

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I called a while back to cancel my TV service because it was getting too expensive and was crappy TV programming ( repeats all the time and channels i never watch). When i was talking to the rep they told me about the Cox TV Economy, you don't get any of the sports channels or any of the tuner network channels (tbs,tnt, etc), or bravo ( which my wife wish we still had). Then i got the HD reciever and enjoy all the hd channels i'm able to get. Being that we mainly watch truTV, E!, and history channel most of the time it was a good fit plus reduce my cable bill. I went from $120 to $90.


I have since remove all tv services in favor of netflix. Tv service we would never watch and the stuff we would was a repeat or just didn't feel like sitting through a crap load of commercials to see a 30 minute program. I also have upgraded my internet package to the next level Premier. So i now pay $65 for internet and $8 for netflix and get to watch what ever i want at any time i want.


Still with out TV service from cox cable and no plan on going back unless a miracle happens and ala carte is a thing. As far as internet service, its great. Currently i'm locked into price lock contract for 65.99. I haven't had to many issues lately with my internet service and i get my advertised speeds.

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