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Review by SlashG42 See Profile

  • Location: Metairie,Jefferson,LA
  • Cost: $68 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fastest available in the area. Competitive prices."
Bad "Phone techs are sometimes technically ignorant."
Overall "Better than AT&T, which is the only competition in town."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T Southeast
Running Ultimate, I see speedboost downloads up to 195Mb/s for the first couple of minutes then down to 160Mb/s. It is that speed downstream any time of day I test it. That's Mbits, not MBytes.

Uploads are 30Mb/s at first and stabilize around 18-20Mb/s.

I'm content with it, but could always be faster. Currently it's the best deal the New Orleans area far as I know.

Order and install was good overall. The tech who was sent to the house was very competent and polite.

Running a Motorola Surfboard 6141 I bought myself after a 2-week-long string of random disconnects. Didn't help the disconnects. Those went away on their own. Guessing it was Cox messing with their network.

24x7 phone support is nice. They can't do a whole lot for you during non-business hours since billing and a few other offices are closed, but they can do basic troubleshooting, reset your modem, book a tech, etc. I have always gotten a tech out within 48 hours of calling, usually same day if I call before lunch.

The contractor field techs don't seem to do much besides replace connectors and splitters. As far as signal analysis and comprehending the modem's built-in diagnostic page, forget it. The Cox-employed field techs know their stuff though.

Do be aware Cox has caps now. So far, they don't enforce them much if at all.

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Avondale, AZ

Signal levels

Check your signal levels at or

Metairie, LA

Re: Signal levels

Signals are almost ideal. Always were.