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Review by DJsailor See Profile

  • Location: Falls Church,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $66 per month
Good "Fast speed"
Bad "Headache each year trying to keep costs down"
Overall "Works well but service is slipping"
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We had Earthlink/Covad DSL but it went though a Verizon Switch Office and every few months went down. Problem was Verizon since they sent out techs to our home to help trouble shoot why we kept losing connection. Tried to get Verizon DSL since we figured if we only had to deal with Verizon, we would have less problems. Verizon could not even get the order in. Spent hours on the phone with Verizon and after a month, gave up on them. Cox came when they said they would. Did a nice install job, and help deal with a telephone problem caused by Verizon. System has only gone down for a day over a years time. Very fast but sometimes hangs. I find hitting the refresh solves the issue.

Update 3/1/14:

Well, we've been with Cox for 6.5 years now. Have TV, Internet, and 2 Phone lines with them. They are starting to slip in service as they move to protect their profits. I have to call each year to bargain with them about keeping my bill down. Even then, it has crept up from $180 to $220 a month. My internet speed has increased though not as much as they say. A speed test through the Cox web page says 32 mbs down and 20 mbs up. DSL Reports tests have been showing a lot slower: 12 mbs down and 6 mbs up. Package I have says "Speed UP TO 50 mbs down and 10 mbs up. Needless to say I am not seeing anything like that.

Cox is also cutting back on their Call Center help. It use to take about 1-2 mins to get help. Now I wait 15 to 20 mins to get a 'person' on the line to help. Then it takes 3-4 transfers to other people to get the one who can help. I got an email from Cox saying they have updated their system and I now need to get a DOCSIS 3.0 modem (vs the DOCSIS 2.0 I had) to get the speed I am paying for. The email says I can rent or pay a single time fee. Calling them, I found out I can get a new modem for free since I have phone service with them. Was told I could have it sent to me. Transferred to 3 people and found out I had to bring it to a Cox Service Center (a half hour away, not too bad but a heck of a way to spend a Friday night!) The Tech at the store there tried to figure out my bill and could not. He, at least, is professional enough to say he wants to research it and get back to me. Kudos for him to understand what customer service is.

BOTTOM LINE: Cox Internet is OK for now but their service/tech help is slipping.

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