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Review by lilstone87 See Profile

  • Location: Portsmouth,Portsmouth City,VA
  • Cost: $95 per month
Good "Its good, when its working correctly"
Bad "Upstream noise at times"
Overall "I like Cox's services, Not perfect but improved lately"
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Been a long time cox customer, but the HSI speed problem has been the biggest issue i have had with cox's services, but this is only been a problem for a few months now.

UPDATE April 28th: Speed issue has been corrected by cox, and I'm now seeing the correct speeds, I should have been seeing to begin with. But nice job by cox on fixing this issue. Im update with a new speedtest result.

UPDATE November 22, 09. Speed's have been pretty darn good since the node split awhile back. There is still some small slowdowns during peak hours but nothing worth complaining about, and with docsis 3 being something withen the next year most, if not all slowdowns should be fixed with its channel bonding.

UPDATE May 26, 2010. Since the D3 upgrade speeds have been great, There was a 2-3 month window just last month where I was having upstream reboots alot. But Cox has also upgraded to 64QAM on the upstream, which seems to have fixed the upstream issue. So now everything is running great now.

UPDATE March 17, 2012: For about the last year, I have been disappointed. Have dealt with ongoing upstream issue, and I have worked with cox locally. To make sure no problems are home side. It's to the point the issue is between my place, and there Node and/or CMTS. So until this problem is resolved, I don't find there service as acceptable.

UPDATE November 9, 2012: Thing's have improved since my last update, and cox has made improvement in my area to there network. Currently cox is running a 7x4 D3 channel setup, and just recently upgraded us ultimate tier customer's from 50/5 to 100/20. Which I think has been needed for a while, for there ultimate tier. But I understand cox now has the setup in place, to support these kind of speed's. So I can say I am happy with the recent changes cox has made, and only one thing I hope they make a change to. Which is raising there bandwidth caps on there tiers, as this is no longer 2010, it's about to be 2013, and these caps could be raised a bit imo.

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