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Review by drquincy See Profile

  • Location: Las Vegas,Clark,NV
  • Cost: $109 per month
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Just got a 150 Mbps "Ultimate" with COX. Still trying to figure out the bugs as I am not getting the max yet. I was told that there are some issues in my area and they are working on it. So far I hit 93 Mbps, which is fast but not yet what it supposed to be. While "up to" 150 is just that, and I understand that may not happen every day, I think it should be somewhere in 130-140 to be fair. We'll see what they come up with, but even now I can't complain. Will report back when (if) the issue is solved.

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Phoenix, AZ

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Make sure your router has a gigabit wan port, gigabit lan ports and you have a gigabit nic in your machines connected to the router..

Las Vegas, NV

Re: ..

I have Netgear DOCSIS 3 Gateway, it has 4 gig ports and I have gig card on my PC as well ... still not getting there and I don't think that I ever will. From what I've read the 150/20 is not exactly that but I'll see what they can do. Still, 93 Mbps is not that bad.

Phoenix, AZ

Re: ..

Weird. I've hit 180 easily. Could just be speed test sites are crap. I don't rate speeds based on speedtest though.


Make sure your modem can do more than 4 streams. I had a Sb6120 while doc 3.0 it could only do 4 streams and I could get about 120mbps. Replaced it with SB6141 and can hit close to 195 in the dead of the night. Of course I cant be 100% sure that is your problem.