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Six Month Rating

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Review by XIII See Profile

  • Location: Scottsdale,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "fast"
Bad "subcontracters, outsourced tech support"
Overall "fast, reasonable, use Cox techs when you can not subcontractors"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

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Connection has gotten more reliable after they fixed some issues on their end in various places, thank you to my various contacts at Cox.


They recently increased speed and then prices, ads about them regularly increasing speeds should also mention that they regularly increase prices with their speed increases, didnt used to be that way though, just the last 3 speed increases.

Tech support is starting to slide.

Have their phone now, besides the "unannounced" or employee caused outages, it has been great, no more buzzing as with Qwest and a lot cheaper.

They gave me a subcontractor to install the phone, apparently I was his first customer to install phone for, at least it was free, though I almost told him to leave so I could do it myself, which I had to fix a mistake of his after he left. I am starting to really hate subcontractors.

Original Review:
have the preferred service $45/month
have had it for about 7 years

Cox techs are great, subcontractors are crap (Have had several who refused to work on my tv because I had Internet problems/ and vice versa, yet both have dedicated runs from the tap)

other than my modem problem with the 6120 and dealing with subcontractors the services are great.

072012 Update:

Ported one of my lines out to a voip provider as the number is rarely used but enough people call that it is worth keeping, it was the primary number so I [correctly] figured that it should be made the secondary, called tech support to do this and they [incorrectly] said it was not necessary.

Fast forward to port week: good thing I had a cell phone, Cox phone service was crap for three days, both lines went dead for a few hours, they blamed the new provider (everyone does this, but they took it to the extreme when they said that ALL phone problems were due to the new provider, even the Cox number that is still with them), took them 1 week to fix everything properly, blamed it on tech support telling me not to swap primary and secondary numbers. I still have one issue which Cox does not care to fix, though I admit I have not escalated it to the people that will get it fixed (only tech support), if you try to call the ported number from a Cox number it says the number is disconnected or not in service, and now that I am doing this review it has reminded me that I need to escalate it so I will be escalating it with Cox and if that fails then the AZCC AND FCC.

082012 Update: I was going to call Cox and complain and checked to see if the problem was still there and it was not. I am not sure what the issue was and why it was suddenly fixed but it is finally fixed, Cox customers can now call my old Cox number. Perhaps a Cox employee here saw my updated review and got the problem fixed? If so thank you!!

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