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Review by milkman82 See Profile

  • Location: Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $24 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Speed, Latency"
Bad "Customer Service (Not Tech Support), lag time around peak hours"
Overall "Got the package at a discount for one year. Once it is up, I will switch back to AT&T"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I ordered the service online on a Tuesday Morning. Told I would get three emails to confirm my order. I got my first email the next morning confirming my order was in. Said I should have the order completed no later then 72 hours. The next day went by and nothing. I called just to make sure everything was ok. They said I am the 4 in line and my order should be completed in an hour. I waited and nothing, the next day went by and still nothing. I called on a Monday only to find out they had closed before 5pm. Finally I called on following Tuesday and they had found my order. Said I was in the system but they were confused as to why no one had contacted me. All they needed was my Mac address and serial from the modem. After I gave the information they had a tech come out the following day to reconnect the line and I was up and going.

The next part that gets me is I ordered the service on a special for 24.99 for one year. My first bill is already here and my bill is $42.99. So once again I have to call and get that worked out. Once al the kinks get worked out, I am sure it will be a great value. I have just been baffled how a company a quarter the size of AT&T has given me so many more headaches.


I ended up canceling Cox service once Uverse came into my home. Cox in this area has a huge problem with youtube. You have to sit their and wait for any video to buffer. I know its not Youtube. Because once I had both services. I sat two laptops side by side one with cable one with Uverse. The cable would always sit and buffer on the same videos the ones Uverse was playing with no problem. When I called to cancel my internet with them. The cancel depart was rude and the guy was borderline a idiot I would say. He was mocking UVerse saying "So you're canceling cable internet for old dsl huh? You do realize you offer a faster and superior product"

So my reply was "Well your upload speeds are actually slower than uverse and I don't know how it's superior if you have caps in place"

His reply was "woah, woah, I am just letting you know about our service."

The guy actually made me sick to talk to. He was heavy set as I could hear him breathing in the phone constantly and drinks to Cox kool aid. Thats the last mental picture I have of them and so happy I am no longer with them.

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