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Review by JohnW See Profile

  • Location: Roanoke,Roanoke City,VA
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "very good speeds!"
Bad "n/a so far!"
Overall "It's the best (and only choice) in my area."
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I recently moved to Roanoke city from nearby Salem (city) VA. Had Verizon DSL there I heard so many bad things about Comcast HSI so I never went cable. COX cable HSI is so much faster and better! Verizon DSL not even avaliable in the neighborhood where I live so Cox was the only choice. I am really pleased with the speed! Get avg 20-25M d/l and near 1Up almost all the time. except peak times (night @8-11p) which is expected with cable. Still kicks the pants out of the more outdated DSL service. Excellent bundle as well with TV and Internet for @95 bucks counting taxes/fees with 250+ channels along with @70 HD channels and a good lineup to boot.

Doubt if Verizon Fios will ever be in the area even though one of the main hubs is located in Roanoke. It's a matter of demographics and "rich" people areas to them.

Also, Cox tech support is USA based! Not overseas based like Verizon. Being a former tech support guy tech support not an issue for me. Recommend using OpenDNS servers for best connection.

I highly recommend Cox in the city. But -- speeds can vary based on the location. I guess I am one of the lucky ones

UPDATE 4/26/2011

I was out of my area on vacation last week when I came back easter sunday got a nice suprise. My upload went from near 1M to 5M!! most of the time been over 5

My average connection now 20M down/5M up very nice. Cox in my area is so good. I know the Cox Arizona territory was making this upgrade (upload) I was surprised it occured in Roanoke, Va.

Couldn't be happier with this service. BTW I am on the preffered level (middle of the road tier).

Update 6/15/2011

I don't know WTF happened but since first of june my upload went back down to near 1M. the good... seems the download went UP! sometimes above 25M at night. doesn't bother me I'd rather have higher download anyway I am not an online gamer and all.

Update 7/4/2011

well.. getting a little upset with Cox the deal too good to last. I checked my lastest bill pending for July 16th and apparently the "free" HBO for 6 months didn't auto cancel so.. got billed the regular rate 15.99! Gonna cancel after the holidays. I am not spending 16 bucks for HBO. I however did expect the regular cable package to go up it's not Cox fault it's the greedy content providers (i.e. Viacom, ESPN, etc) and the cable cos have no other choice to pass this on to the consumer. most cable subs get this backwards like its the cable cos fault. But, they shouldn't have upped the internet service price as well. Overall a good deal still with the choices I get TV and Internet combined.

Update 8/31/2011

Cox still rocking for me! Cable TV excellent, Internet speed very consistent hardly ever dips below around 15-20M down 1 Up anytime of day performing speedtests (from D.C servers) still goes much higher near 30M off peak hrs nice I don't understand Powerboost I always thought it boosted speeds just for 30 sec or so but every download I do never drops suddenly. Makes it more cool. Only gripe I have is the roughly 20 dollar rate increase used to be 99 now near 110.00 counting tax fees. still the best deal where I live. If I got say any dish with almost eqivalent channel selection and seperate Cox internet service would be much more expensive. Can't bundle Dish/DSL from Verizon (DSL not avaliable in my neighborhood) and since I have Cox for 9 months now I would not want to go back to DSL too slow and such a dying internet method.

Update 06/03/2013

Cox internet upgraded to docsis 3.0 in the area a month ago made a huge difference in stability of the speeds.. consistant 13M down anytime during the day about the same Upload speeds. I did however got faster download speed before the upgrade sometimes hitting 30M but I'll take consistency over the prior 15M to 30M speed.

TV still good but wished they had more sports channels in my cox area like others have like CBS sports net and the Fox sports channels (atlantic/central/pacific) overall happy with my service after 2 1/2 yrs with it.

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