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Six Month Rating

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Review by PinkyThePig See Profile

  • Location: Tempe,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $100 per month
Good "Very reliable"
Bad "Tech support is not very knowledgeable"
Overall "Great company"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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So far I have had Cox internet at 3 different homes and in all cases the internet was very reliable. The worst I have ever had in the case of down time is 3 hours max and at that point it self corrected and everything went back to normal. Regarding tech support... They seem to be able to help with basic things but anything advanced and good luck getting any answers that are consistent across several calls.

UPDATE: Moved to a new apartment complex about 3 months ago, was able to get everything setup when scheduled and have had no problems (Besides my router which is another story and isn't Cox's fault) changed services from my 15DL connection at previous locations to 25DL/5UL here and so far everything has been going smoothly including consistently above normal speed levels. Additionally when I had moved I had checked prices for century link (The only other provider) and their plans were the same price for half of the speed. So it really was a no brainer.

UPDATE 3/19/13: Still in the same complex but have changed my plan. I tried the weird cheaper TV they had for awhile (1-100 but missing big networks like spike, espn, scifi etc.) and never really liked it or watched it. Not to mention the cable box had massive overheating problems. Canceled that and got the ultimate tier internet as they had double most tiers but tripled ultimate (It has 150/20 IIRC up from 50/5) for 100 a month. Fantastic deal and has been working perfectly without issues since the update. Only compalint I have about it is no one told me that there would be a 50$ tech visit when I called in to order it. Installer was prompt and actually arrived at my place before I did and was willing to wait (ran late at work) so major props to him about that.

I lowered presales information by 1 point 4 -> 3 and upped value for money by 1 point 4 -> 5.

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