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Review by mettachain See Profile

  • Location: Bellevue,Sarpy,NE
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Overall good rating. Recommend to others"
Bad "Random disconnect times"
Overall "Better service than Qwest"
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I've had Cox HSI for about a year and half in Omaha, NE area. I am generally pleased with the service and connection however it seems the connection drops for a few minutes at random times (not peak traffic times) for no apparent reason. I usually reset my modem and router in attempt to reset the connection but that doesn't always work. The longest it's been out was approximately 15 minutes in the middle of the day on a weekday. The dropped connection does not, I repeat, does not happen that often. I usually run 2 PCs hardlined in with an XBox connected wirelessly simultaneously without issue and having a mid-tier internet package. I also use MagicJack for phone.

Update (Oct 25, 2012): Once my initial 12 months was up with Cox, I downgraded my internet service to the lowest tier at a price point of approx. $43/month. I was running 2 PCs hardlined, 1 Xbox Wireless, and occasionally one Windows HP laptop wireless as well as 24/7 MagiJack phone. The random disconnects seems to spread out more and I did not notice any latency while all systems were utilizing bandwidth. In July 2012, I purchased a Roku set top box and immediately noticed that the low tier internet package would not cut it. The Roku uses a lot of bandwidth. I upgraded my internet package to a $54/month tier and have had no issues since. I do still occasionally recieve random connection drops (I'd say 1 a month). About that time, I power down my cable modem and router for a couple minutes and restart my network without any further issues.

I am completely satisfied with the service Cox HSI has provided to me over the past couple years.

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