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Review by Gonzo MDPhD See Profile

  • Location: Gainesville,Alachua,FL
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
Good "High speeds, reliable, best bang for your buck"
Bad "Only thing I can get, tiny bit of noticeable lag during peak usage"
Overall "Even if it wasn't the only thing available I would still go with them."
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Been using Cox for going on 2 years now have been the best deal in town with the most reliable service. The speeds are unmatched compared to the DSL services offered here I am however currently in a place where nothing, but Cox is available it is bundled into my monthly rent. Before moving to this place I was still a Cox user I just like having the option of switch services depending on my needs. Cox really is the best ISP in Gainesville right now they have very good prices, low downtime, and the highest speeds. Their TV service on the other hand not so great, but that is why I just opt for a higher connection so I can just stream my shows.

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