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Review by msmorgan696 See Profile

  • Location: Phoenix,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost: $99 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Offers the fastest available internet speed for residential service in Phx area"
Bad "Ultimate speed is not consistent and speed drops constantly. Tech support sucks. Sneak price increases without informing."
Overall "In Phx you can either have Cox or Centurylink and at my address I can only have Cox so Im forced to deal with them."
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I wanted the fastest internet speed avail in Phx. And for years Cox has been the only company offering the fastest. Centurylink(Qwest) has always been about 10Mbps shy of offering the same top tier. At my current address I cannot even get Centurylink even though the DSL station is just 3 blocks away. But the complex to my right and to my left are able to but not here. So I have to deal with Cox. I actually preferred my DSL connection with Qwest a few years back because even though it was about 15Mbps slower, the speed was consistent and stayed the same. Since Cox is a shared loop network, depending on how many people are on your loop, your speeds suffer a lot. And now Cox has implemented this bandwidth usage caps per month and its based on what tier you have. I have the top tier and have almost reached my cap. I was told you get 2 warnings and then if you go over again, they cancel your service and ban you for 1 year!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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