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Review by Innov8Hldngs See Profile

  • Location: Abbeville,Vermilion,LA
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Tech support when going through techs on DSL Reports, Speed, Reliability"
Bad "Phone tech support / Service calls for advanced problems..."
Overall "Great reliable (vast majority of the time) connections for a fair price"
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I've had Cox HSI for years (since 1998 or 1999 I believe) and have NEVER had a problem. Speeds were always as advertised (or faster), reliability was always great, and the prices aren't near as outrageous as some ISPs (although not as cheap as others).

My sole problem in those 13+ years happened recently. Upon moving, I had an issue with disconnects sometimes as often as every couple minutes. This was ongoing and the techs sent out on service calls could not figure it out...

Then, I posted a thread here, and PMed resident Cox tech LAHSIHelp... I kid you not, he fixed the problem, remotely in a matter of hours.

Even though phone support and even service calls may not provide great support in severe cases, it's comforting to know that there are techs that devote their time to making sure help is given.

The tech I spoke with on DSL Reports didn't meet expectations, he FAR exceeded them.


Currently I am on the Premier Plus package at roughly $60 per month. Speeds advertised are 25/3, with PowerBoost speeds in excess of 30/5 Mbytes I believe.

I ALWAYS get advertised speeds, or at the worst, 1Mb below advertised. Oftentimes, I get substantially higher than advertised. My best (accurate, verified) speed test to-date was something like 86/5 Mb. My worst was around 24.x/2.x... and that is far from common.


As far as equipment, I am not sure what they are currently using. I know that they sold me a DOCSIS 2 Surfboard 5101 when I last did my HSI self-install, but I believe they are using exclusively DOCSIS 3 modems now.

Overall, you can't go wrong with Cox... No bandwidth or torrent throttling, no transfer cap, no hassle typically. Cox gets an A+ all day from me, but may seldomly be frustrating for less tech savvy users.

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