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Review by Saikyo See Profile

  • Location: Metairie,Jefferson,LA
  • Cost: $211 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "It's good when it works"
Bad "It's bad when it doesn't work, pray you never need a tech."
Overall "Expensive compared to what other ISPs offer in other parishes."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Cox lacks any competition in Jefferson to help keep them honest. Instead we get raising prices over the years for less service.

I had Cox come out 5 different times to finish 1 job. Each time the tech would make an excuse as to why they couldn't complete the task and that I would have to reschedule for another tech. One of them installed a line to a room and didn't bother to hook it up. Another tech installed the phone line and didn't hook that up either.

On a separate occasion I had a lot of connectivity issues, I'm showing the tech all the packet loss I'm experiencing via command promt and I hear him say "I never knew you could send more than 4 pings like that".

Another service call I was experiencing outages. The tech takes a look at my router and asks "what brand that is?" I replied with Asus. He tells me "Yeah, that's a crap router, you need the one we offer cause this here, this is crap." And that was that, he didn't check the signal levels or anything. I didn't even know what to tell the guy.

One month I had 6 techs out to fix a problem none of them could do anything about. Cox sends me a $20 long distance phone card as a "sorry for the problems you've been having"

I was on the phone with tech support trying to figure out why my cable box wasn't working, the lady ended up causing an entire street outage instead.

Consider yourself lucky if your connection or other Cox services work, if you ever have to rely on them for support you will be in for a big disappointment. If were ever get a real competitor in this area I'd gladly switch.

Now Cox Cable has finally put their bandwidth restrictions into effect in my area, I got a notice that I was at 257gb of data out of my 250gb allocated. I didn't even realize they started to monitor my area. This is so absurd that cable companies are now limiting you to such a low number. I can only download under 8gb a day from now on on average. I don't know what this means for Netflix or the games I get from Steam, PSN, GMG and eShop, among others.

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How can someone on the phone take an entire street down?

Hmmm. Sounds Fishy...

Metairie, LA

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Re: How can someone on the phone take an entire street down?

I don't know honestly, the lady was refreshing my box and the next thing I know my internet is out. I mentioned this and she tells me "Oh, it looks like your street is having an outage". My internet was working just fine before I called in to see why my cable box wasn't working (no tv guide). Of course my cable box was then totally hosed and I had to go exchange it.
Mary Esther, FL

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