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Review by djdanska See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Fast speedtests, awesome upload, good latency"
Bad "Fast speeds don't apply to actual internet browsing/video streaming"
Overall "Eh, it's not at&t, i guess that's something"
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Have cox in san diego installed. Awesome speedtests

Problem being that you can't watch hulu, netflix, or even use facebook without constant page stalls, timeouts, and buffering over and over again.

Run a speedtest and get awesome speeds. What's the use if i can't upload a pic on facebook or watch netflix?

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Lakewood, OH


I would give them a call. You could be having an issue with poor signal quality or packet loss. Maybe a bad modem... Might also be a networking problem if you're using a router. Directly connecting a computer to the modem would be a good test to rule that out... Generally, you shouldn't be having the issues you're having with speed tests like that. Something's wrong somewhere.

San Diego, CA

Re: re

I did call em up and they say the signals are all ok, i tried a different modem, etc.. They pretty much told me (and lectured me) to use their on demand only. wtf?

The netflix issues makes sense, they where in the process of upgrading to superHD from them, and it did work flawlessly today.

Hulu still has issues.
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Lakewood, OH

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Re: re

I'm glad your Netflix is working better. Have you tried any online tests for packet loss? Any at all is considered unacceptable and they would work towards fixing that if discovered.

I work at home on a network and internet service has to be about perfect. My co-workers and I do have occasional problems with our ISPs, but they eventually get issues solved 99% of the time. Sometimes, they need a little diagnostic help... The techs in the Cox forum here seem very good. Maybe they could take a more in depth look at your line stats and find the problem. Good luck!

The phone support people mean well, but they're not as well trained as you'd think in many cases. Let's just say I should know...