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Review by jmoz2989 See Profile

  • Location: Moscow,Lackawanna,PA
  • Cost: $128 per month
Good "Value for price, not much downtime, local, excellent tech reps"
Bad "Most of the monthly cost comes from television"
Overall "Better service and price than Verizon."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

For a long time I was waiting for Verizon DSL to come to our area. I was on AOL dialup and it was starting to crawl in mid-2006 down to speeds around 14.4k. However Verizon still hadn't installed a DSL switch close to my house and they still haven't to this day. So I ordered Adams cable internet in August 2006. Their order process was straight forward and I was installed up to the cable network within 3 days from ordering. I was given an RCA modem and it has worked great. I haven't had tech support come since the first day, so my experience has been a good one so far.


Have the total home package (TV, Internet, phone) now for 3 months and speeds have exceeded as advertised. Advertised speeds are 5 Mbps down and 768 Kbps up. I am getting +6 Mbps down and +1 Mbps up with a Scientific Atlanta DPC2203 EMTA. So far all is well. Now if they would start working on improving their TV service that would be excellent.


Same package, actual broadband speeds come within those advertised, which are 5 Meg down, 1 Meg up. Disappointed with HD offerings though, most channels are over compressed (they use HITS Quantum) and Adams continues to shelter analog only customers with 67 analog channels. Their pricing is under control at least for a duopoly provider.


Same package -- broadband speeds have stayed put, still 5 Mbps down 1 Mbps up. TV service is still the same but cannot be trusted to work 100% even in good weather conditions. Not many risks taken by this business, would not recommend for the technically literate looking forward to emerging technologies. Solid broadband and phone, television infrastructure deteriorating though.


Still same package -- but, what's this? Adams bumped the standard broadband tier to 6 Mbps download earlier this year. This seems far from pushing potential (top tier is now 12 Mbps down), though apparently this company is not taking many financial risks right now. This company offers a no frills service model, but I guess this is a no frills region in which to live.

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Toledo, OH

Power Boost

To get that much extra speed they probably deployed/licensed Power Boost from Comcast.