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Review by sonofjay See Profile

  • Location: North Attleboro,Bristol,MA
  • Cost: $46 per month
Good "Smooth Transaction, Quick, Friendly Sales Reps"
Bad "none"
Overall "Great value for the money compared to Comcast"
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03/05/11- Earthlink Cable is still great. Last price increase was 7.5 years in Aug 2003. Service is solid. No complaints.

06/26/10 - Still very happy with Earthlink Cable and am glad for the option. Having subscribed Earthlink Cable for the past 8 years has saved me over $1,300 for the same service from Comcast because of their "non-television subscriber" penalty. Earthlink Cable provides the same service, better emails & options for a cheaper price.

05/16/09 - Earthlink Cable is great as ever. Only issue encountered over the past year was Comcast technicians disconnecting the cable line on the utility pole because. Happened twice when my neighbors moved out. I do not have Comcast TV service (have DirecTV) and only have the cable drop for internet. Instead of filtering the line they just cut the cable. One of the many reasons I will never have Comcast for television is because of issues like this.

Outside of these Comcast related issues, Earthlink has been excellent. Price has remained the same since Aug 2003. Would recommend them to anyone in MA or NH area.

03/22/08 - Earthlink Cable is rock solid. No issue with email or connection. Had to purchase a new modem as my 5 year old owned modem was acting up. 50 bucks later and back in business. No longer use Earthlink Cable DNS servers due to their redirection changes, now use opendns and it works great. Use EL Cable for VOIP and Video OnDemand movie/tv show viewing as well normal broadband stuff. Every month Earthlink Cable saves paying Comcast their non CATV penalty saving $15 every month.Can't beat that. An awesome ISP for those that can get it and who that do not want to use Comcast for TV.

03/08/07 - Earthlink Cable service has been excellent. Price hasn't changed since Aug 03 going on 4 years now! Only have had to call in 1 time in 4 years to troubleshoot my line, turned out to be an aging modem and I purchased a new one and its been great since. Have also received the same upgrades; speed increases and "powerboost" that Comcast subscribers get too (albeit usually a few weeks to months later). Earthlink Cable is $17 cheaper than Comcast HSI. For those that want quality HSI but do not want to subscribe to TV from Comcast, this service can't be beat!

Certainly, in MA/NH/ME Earthlink Cable is a great way to get the HSI. Certainly recommend it.

08/02/03 - Just received a rate increase notification going from $41.95 to $45.95. Service has been great (email, connections, dns, etc). I'm not thrilled about the price increase but its still better than the 58 bucks the thieves at Comcast are trying to get for the same service and they include yet another poorly done email name change/migration. Still glad to be with EL but time will tell on the ever increasing rates that seem to be synonymous with cable internet

12/12/02 - Had been with Mediaone/ATT/Comcast since 2000 and have endured price increase after price increase. Over a year ago I drop their Cable TV service for the much better PQ and price of DirecTV.

Today I have dumped ATT/Comcast completely after finding out about another 20% increase to my bill solely because I did not subscribe to their cable TV services. These monopolistic, anti-competitive actions lead me to look for alternatives.

EarthLink was a breeze to switch to, the service rep was friendly and so far the speeds I have experienced have been the same or better. The response times from the from the mail and DNS servers has been great and I cannot complain one bit. EarthLink also has official tech support who post on DSLR frequently (unlike ATT who have reprimanded techs and just fired another this week (good luck Tink!). All of this great service for less money and few head aches.

If you switch before 12/31/02 you get the first month free and $41.95 thereafter. A GREAT deal in my opinion. I highly recommend this as an great alternative!

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