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Review by kiddigital See Profile

  • Location: Deltona,Volusia,FL
  • Cost: $41 per month
Good "Rock Solid Reliability, Good Speeds."
Bad "Would have to switch to Roadrunner to get the 40Mb wideband speeds now available in this area."
Overall "Solid High Speed Connection at a price you can live with."
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Updated 7/28/12: Still going strong with Earthlink via Brighthouse. The speed is now 10Mb/1Mb for the same $41.95 a month. The reliability has been excellent despite a recent outage (first in well over a year). And the pings (important for VOIP and gaming) has actually gone down indicating that Brighthouse has made upgrades to their network.

I just did an internet only comparison to CenturyLink (the only HSI competitor in this area) and they want a laughable $90 for their 20Mb tier of service. I could upgrade my current service to 20Mb/2Mb for only $51.90. Given the decade plus of reliability and present level of satisfaction with the service I don't think I'll ever part with Earthlink and Brighthouse.

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I originally had RoadRunner service via Bright House Networks (formerly Time Warner). When I first had it installed in the summer of 2000 the speed was 256 up/1500 down for 49.95 a month. By the end of that year it had increased to 256/2000 followed a few months later by 384/2000. It was also around this time that the monthly rate dropped to 44.95. The most recent increase we recieved was to 384/3000 where it stands currently.

I decided to go with Earthlink Cable because it was the exact same service and speed at a lower price (29.95 for 6 mos. and then 41.95/mon. thereafter). In addition I'd get 3 extra email accounts and more personal webspace.

The same day I "cancelled" service with Bright House they called me up to arrange installation for Earthlink. I was fortunate enough to get a sales rep who did some research and figured out that I still had my cable modem and that all I needed was to have it turned back on and provisioned with Earthlink. When all was said and done I was without broadband for about 3 hours.

I have been happy with my cable service for the last 4 years and really have no major complaints. There's the extremely rare occasional outage or bill snafu, but in the end they always find a way to make me happy.

I definitely would recommend Brighthouse Cable Modem service (Earthlink, Roadrunner, Internet Junction) to anyone in this area. It's a much better bang for the buck compared to the only very recently available Sprint DSL (60/mon. for 256/1500) assuming it's even available at your residence.

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