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Earthlink Cable Modem Service page on DSLReports
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Review by cchhat01 See Profile

  • Location: Elmhurst,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $41 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "$29.95 for 6mo, blazing fast, single digit pings, ALWAYS CONNECTED, CATV not reqd"
Bad "41.95 afterwards, otherwise this is the service to have (if OOL is not an option)"
Overall "Very reliable service, best bang for the speed/buck, no extra cost if no CATV"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:

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I've been on and off with cable modem services because of budgets, as I am a college student. I've tried Road Runner (6months), then EarthLink (for 1.5 years as soon as I knew it was available), then Road Runner again (for about a month) and RCN for 4 months and now I'm back to EarthLink (and I love it).

As you can see I've been a man about town when it comes to cable internet services. I started with Road Runner as it became available. It was horrible. The speed was good but the connection reliability was pathetic but it was the only feasible option since DSL was too expensive then. Then as soon as EarthLink was offering the Cable Modem service through Time Warner, I switched. It was lower priced by a few bucks and it didn't cost anything extra to have just the cable modem installed (with no other services from Time Warner). Road Runner charges you $10 more if you do not have the Standard Cable TV service package from Time Warner. So I saved a bit there. At that time, EarthLink was also experiencing some connectivity issues but their’s was so much more reliable. Connections barely went down once in two months.

I tried RCN a while later because of the promotional rates. It never disconnected but then again, I wasn't satisfied with their USENET services. Really terrible. And the ping times were in double digits. So Cancelled that after a while.

Back with EarthLink now. On a promotional $29.95/month for 6 months (this is the 4th month I think) and $41.95 thereafter. Their Usenet service is much much better than it used to be a year ago. The connection has been rock solid stable (knock on wood) since I got their service. I cannot complain about this at all. I hated the RCA 315 modem but it’s the best in terms of holding up the connection so far.

Ping times to/from DSLReports are almost always in single digits. As low as 6 ms. I don't understand how two services offered on the same cable line can be so different (comparing with Road Runner).

So do I recommend the service? Hell yea. If you can get it, then get it. Stop fooling yourself and experience some real broadband.

UPDATE: 01/10/2013: I haven't had EarthLink service for ages now. I went to RCN for a better deal and have stuck with them more or less...

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