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Review by dustman81 See Profile

  • Location: Tallmadge,Summit,OH
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast"
Bad "TWC's staff didn't know much about it"
Overall "Cheaper than Road Runner if you don't need TV service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:

After Time Warner raised my bill for digital cable and internet to $132/mth, I decided it was time to evaluate other options. I signed up for DirecTV for my TV service, but I couldn't get DSL in my neighborhood. While looking at Time Warner's website, I found that Earthlink was offering cable internet for cheaper than what Road Runner was charging.

I switched to the 7MB $44.95 plan. All that had to be done was change the billing codes in the accounting system. Now I'm pulling an Earthlink IP address and getting 7MB down.

Judging from the lack of knowledge about Earthlink at TWC's offices, I took it that not many people know about this option. They had to find the codes, they had to look up what the codes meant and they had to look up how to enter them. Once they figured it out, it went pretty smoothly.

If you need just internet service from TWC, Earthlink is probably your best option as they don't charge the "How dare you not have our TV service" fee. TWC did charge me $9.95 to install a video trap on the line.

5/6/11 - I dropped off my cable modem at the TWC office and canceled my service after finding cheaper broadband elsewhere.

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