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Review by rfnut See Profile

  • Location: Fisher,Champaign,IL
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "fast install time"
Bad "No cable- No internet- No phone. What to do?"
Overall "Very good service."

Nothing new to see here. It just plain works.

Installation was quick and painless (despite it not working on my pc). I had the installer set it up with his laptop and it was fine so I sent him on his way. I figured it out in about an hour. (reinstalled all network drivers) and it was up and running.
After replacing nics and figure out networking and ICS, the service has only failed me one time Since install. It was my error (replaced nic) and I was able to quickly reregister. Only issue I have is with cable/internet combined. What do I do if I cant watch tv OR play on the computer when the cable goes out.
While speed does slow down at peak times, it is acceptable and I consider it to be part of the service. I had same issues with dial up. Try to get on a dial up at 8-10 pm. [update] Still the same. Speed tests are still showing 1.4M average DL. During peak it may drop to 1.2M. I aint complaining. Seems like broadband to me.

Still going ok same speeds no issues out of line with a normal ISP.

2003-9-23. Seems the speed has increased over the last couple of weeks. Also stability has stedily gotten better. Very little latency issues in the evenings. Overall I am very satisfied with the service

2004-3-1. New speeds rock. Regular speed test always around 2600 down and over and over 200 up. Love it! Had some issues during the transition but they where quickly resolved.

2005-1-24. No new news.all is good.

2005-6-2. New speeds are wonderful. Hope the DNS issue is resolved soon though.

2005-8-2 Went with their phone plan yesterday. Installer was quite professional. Replaced modem with an arris mta. Phone works well even while massive download, which seems to have also improved. Speed tests are still the same. He replaced all splitters which probably helped. We will see with time.
Cant say if the DNS issues was resolved. I do not remember if I stil have manual entries or not.

2006-4-5. No news is good news.

2007-1-20. Nothing much new. Faster speeds. Phone is more reliable than this time last year.

2007 -8-12. Still chugging along. No bad news. Speeds got better. Phone is more reliable than a year ago.

2008-4-1 No Aprils Fools jokes here. All is still good. Actually I would have to say it got better. I do not remember the last issue, knock on wood.

2009-5-6 Nothing new to see here. It just plain works.

2009-11-7. Still works.

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