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Review by stev32k See Profile

  • Location: Mobile,Mobile,AL
  • Cost: $126 per month
Good "I have connection most of the time"
Bad "poor TV reception for months, email migration a total mess"
Overall "I am no longer a Mediacom customer. They priced themselves out of my business"
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Connection Reliability:
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9/18/2013 - I'm back with Mediacom internet service. I have the 15 mb service and have never tested less than 22mb down and 1.5 mb up. I'm paying $29.95/mo. So far I'm happy with the service. There has been two outages in the past year one lasted about 18 hours and the other about 5 or 6 hours. I no longer have cable TV I find I can pick up 13 OTA channels with just a cheap Wal-Mart indoor antenna. I cut the cord about 6 months and and saved myself close to $100/mo. The only thing I miss is the DVR, and that might be enough to make me go back to cable.

3/2/2011 - I've dropped Mediacom cable and internet service. They finally raised their prices over what I was willing to pay. My total bill was $126/mo for family cable, digital package, HD package and 3.0 Mb internet service. I switched to direct TV service and have more channels, HD, and DVR service which I didn't have with Mediacom. The total DTV cable bill is $47/month for the first year. The picture quality is better and the programming is better. What's not to like about that? After dropping cable Mediacom wanted $46/mo for 3.0 Mb internet service. I thought that was excessive so I switched to AT&T DSL. I got 6.0 Mb service for $35/mo for the first year and so far every speed test I've run has been a little over 6.0 Mb.

1/18/03 - The service continues to be extremely reliable. There have been about two or three outages of less than 1 hour each in the past several months(I haven't kept records). The speeds are also very stable I get 1440 - 1450 down and 119 - 125 up on every speed test regardless of time of day. The only time I've had to call tech support was to report an outage, and the wait times have been about 2 - 5 minutes each time.

I've had Mediacom HSI since they first started offering it in 1997 or 1998? Since Mediacom took over after the bankruptcy of @home the service reliability has improved a great deal. I'm not fond of the speed caps of 1,500 down/ 128 up, but I can live with that so long as the service remains reliable. Having said that I believe their service is on the edge of being overpriced. I now pay $87/month for cable plus internet and that is my absolute limit. If they have one more price increase I'm switching to DSL and buying a dish.

The few dealings I've had with customer service in the past year have been good experiences. The wait times were short - generally less than 5 minutes, and the people were pleasant. I haven't had the need to contact tech. support in the last couple of years so I can't comment on that area.

All this seems to be contradictory to the experience of others in different parts of the country. I'm not sure what to make of this situation. It seems that Mediacom knows how to operate a network or the service here would not be so good. The problems in other parts of the country have been going on for long enough that they should be fixed by now if it was purely a hardware/node loading problem. The fact that they have not been fixed makes me think Mediacom has a financial problem.


Just re-read my review above and find no reason to make any changes. Service is still very reliable but still somewhat overpriced in my opinion. The one notable feature is how steady the speeds are -- any time of the day or night, on or off peak - the speed test variations are very small. I can count on 1420 to 1445 down and 105 to 120 up every time. There have been a few outages this year, but most were storm related and did not last very long (a few hours).


The service has deteriorated and the price has gone up. They advertised that the speeds were going up to 8,000 down, 512 up. I consistently 1,500 down, 230 up. I've asked three times to have someone check the line - twice no one showed up and they didn't even call to let me know they were not coming.

Service went out and it was four days before I could get any one to make repairs.

Overall if I had a choice I would switch ISPs in a heartbeat.


Their service has improved a lot over the past year or two. I rarely loose the connection and when I do it's usually weather related. I now pay $29.95/mo for 10Mb down and 1.5 Mb up. That was unheard of a year or so ago.

Their cable TV service is another matter. It is the overpriced pits. I bought a new 58" plasma HD TV and almost cannot watch HD channels because of the constant pixelation and screen freezing. They force you to pay for dozens and dozens of channels whether you want them or not just to get the few you do want. Their cable TV repair service is also the pits. They cannot get a service man out to fix a problem in less than five days so you are stuck with piss poor TV for at least five days.

The service is so bad that I just downgraded my service to the lowest possible cost which is Broadcast basic. I refuse to pay for HD TV when I can't watch it.


I was wrong about the intro internet service being 10 down and 1 up. My speeds suddenly decreased to 2.9 dn / .25 up and when I called customer support I was told I was getting what I paid for and the higher speeds I had been getting were a mistake on mediacom's part.

The HD reception problems seem to have cleared up, but it took months and so many complaints and service calls that I lost track. Mediacom did reduce my total bill for a one year period as compensation for all the trouble. That's the only reason I didn't switch to Directv.

Overall I wish there was some alternative to mediacom for both TV and internet service I believe their prices are too high for what they offer and some good competition would bring them down.

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Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

Service issues and inquiries

Hello Stev32k, thank you for updating your review. It seems as though you're so far not having any issues. If you ever do come across something feel free to contact me here for assistance. Also, you mentioned maybe going back to cable for DVR service. I would be happy to look into possible promotions you could be eligible for with these services. Feel free to private message me your account or phone number.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
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Re: Service issues and inquiries

Has anyone here seriously thought about why we're talking to some RANDOM guy on the Internet about our LOCAL service being so consistently terrible throughout the rest of the United States? Thanks for helping Mediacom Chad. Could you tell me why YOU are so helpful, while your cohorts act like total jerks and give literally NO customer service at times? I called customer service last night and the automated service told me "We are striving to improve service in your area...GOODBYE!". then HUNG UP ON ME without even giving an option to talk to anyone at all. Nice customer service there... I see why they need you for PR damage control. I just wish they'd ACTUALLY put effort into serving their customers and not wait for us to cry out online.