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Review by alphapointe See Profile

  • Location: Columbia,Boone,MO
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "I'll get back to you, Gene."
Bad "Absolutely everything."
Overall "Use some tin cans and a string, you'll get better results."
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·Socket Internet ..
Just moved to an apartment building in the East Campus neighborhood in Columbia, MO, and we get MCHSI included in our rent. That node is so oversold and filled with college students running their damned file sharing software, that it's worse than dialup.

Update: We have had signal issues into the building for almost 5 months now, and MC won't do anything about it. My apartment management is considering dropping the contract with Mediacom if they don't get their shit together REAL fast!

If you have ANY other option, take it. I have Socket DSL, and use Mediacom on a second WAN port on the router, and I'm about to just remove it.

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