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Review by Hardcore See Profile

  • Location: Albany,Dougherty,GA
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "The service itself is good. It's great...but..."
Bad "Took several installer visits just to replace a modem."
Overall "As it's my only option, I do everything I can to make it the BEST option."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Well, got Mediacom up and running today, after nearly a year of fighting to get it available in my area. Installation was a breeze after the poor installer(I really did feel for the guy...I gave him a glass of ice water for this) ran 300 feet of cable from the street to my home. Fired it up, immediately got 1500k down, 100k up. I love this!

I'll update this as I need to, depending on service issues and whatnot...but this is far better than what I even expected! GO MEDIACOM!

Update 9/2004: Mediacom increased our speed earlier this year to 3000/256. Besides some disconnection problems, the service has been excellent. It has been money well spent!

Update 12/2005:False promises?

Issues with communicating with installers and making orders?

A local office that needs EVERY SINGLE PERSON FIRED FROM IT?

Yes! These and so much more on "Days of Dealing with Mediacom!"

Day One(one week, three days ago) - ordered digital service(with DVR), and phone service. After dealing with two different people, my order was confirmed for 12/5.

Day Two(one week ago) - no installer shows up. How nice! One call, and I find out that THERE WAS NO ORDER PLACED. AWESOME! One order later, with a discount, and I'm on my way for Wednesday.

Day Three(five days ago) - after waiting for over seven hours, the installer arrives, claiming that he has having issues with installing phones(a rather nice guy at that), and that he usually doesn't install digital boxes anymore. Alright, fine. He doesn't set up two other outlets for my bedrooms, and leaves.

Day Four(four days ago) - nothing's recording on TV for me. Wonder why? Call them up again, find out I wasn't given a DVR box - GREAT! - and went through the dog-and-pony show to get one. WTF is the deal with having a credit check for a box with a freaking HARD DRIVE in it? I could get TiVo with less hassle. Anyway, I pass the check, accept the new charges, and am confirmed as having an installer come out on 12/12 to do the work. Then, my reception dies. Weird. Call back, yadda yadda yadda, need to send a tech out..tomorrow...


NUH UH. Not tomorrow. THIS DAY. Haven't even had the service 24 hours and I'm getting reamed? Hmm...no lube, either, apparently. So, for the next SIX HOURS, I am calling and calling and calling, DEMANDING someone get out here. Finally, the poor tech that's on night call gets sent. Note: I don't take out my frustrations on techs. They only get the orders. He gets here around 1800-1900 and fixes the problem: MEDIACOM CANCELED MY @!)(*&)(#& SERVICE! All because I wanted a DVR box!

Day Five(RIGHT NOW) - i have reached the end of my rope with this company. No installer today. I come to find out that the installer came to the WRONG HOUSE. Then the guy TURNS OFF HIS PHONE so dispatch can't contact him. THIS DUDE IS DYNOMITE! So, call after call is placed to service about this. "Can't do nothing, can't call a supervisor, have to call Albany local office, nothing we can do, click click(two or three times I've been hung up on)." Finally, I'm given an exclusive number to the Albany office(one I'll freely give to anyone in Albany who asks - I don't care one whit at this point) and directed to call there tomorrow morning.

Here's the deal - had I stuck with HSI, I would probably be fine. Right now I'm about to have a stroke with this company, and I'm ready to just break my modem, my digital box, and all this coax, stuff it into a massive potato gun, and shoot it right at Albany's local office.

A couple of questions:
I happen to live behind the house the installer convienently stopped at instead of mine. It's my mother-in-law's house. I got the silly little doorhanger he left. It has his name on it. I want this guy fired. Can I have this done?

What's Mediacom's corporate number? Would calling them even do anything?

Is there anything I can do at a local level to deal with this once and for all?

I will no longer recommend this company to anyone due to their shoddy service procedures.

Update 6/2006: DROP THE PHONE!

For the past two weeks, we've had steady drops in signal quality at random intervals. Several calls to TS resulted in the usual truck roll. Truck roll ends in nothing because the tech, due to either stupidity or just bad timing, isn't able to find a problem. Several truck rolls later, one enterprising tech(I use this term loosely) decided to up the gauge of cable on the drop from my pole to the street. Problem? The genius didn't reconnect the cable from my house to the pole! For three days, I waited on someone else to come out and fix this problem. Three days of calling, even to the point of calling my local dispatch office(GOOD JOB CALLER ID), have resulted in nothing but failed promise after failed promise. I plan on going to my local office personally ASAP to let these people have a piece of my mind. We've since reordered Bellsouth phone service(which, in our time, has been ROCK SOLID), and will be cancelling Mediacom phone service as soon as Bellsouth comes through.

I've had it with this company. They're good for TV and Internet...but my service has been abyssmal ever since I got phone service. I will NEVER make that mistake again, and I recommend that NO ONE take Mediacom phone service.

Update 7/2006:
Due to Scott Westerman, one of Mediacom's VPs, I got a guy out last night. The Net service was running a bit slow - between 1/2 to 3/4 of normal speed. He claims that there's a "software upgrade" going on that will fix the problem. I doubt it.

I would like to amend this review to give thanks to Mr. Westerman and Mr. Don Zagorski, Georgia Mediacom VP for their efforts. As soon as the phone service is gone, I'm going to try for Max and see if the increased speed is worth it.

Update 12/2006:
I upgraded to the Max service. I rarely see Max speeds, but I don't want to dump the wireless router they packed in with it. Ugh, choices choices. This is day 3 of Packet Loss Hell for me. An installer was supposed to be sent to my home, however, the assignment seems to have mysteriously vanished from my local office! No installer got my service call! AMAZING! After I finish recording this customer service travesty, I'm once again going to make the brass at Mediacom aware of how my local office works, and DEMAND that something be done. Mediacom goes insane when I don't pay my bill on time...why shouldn't I go insane when they don't repair my service on time?

Long story short, if you live in Albany, Georgia, expect to have lazy local customer service. People are going to get fired when I'm done.

Update 9/2007:
After two complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Mediacom finally went the extra mine, installing a tap just outside my home. My signal is rock-solid, my speeds are better than ever, and now, after a router replacement, gaming is just as it was, back in April of 2003, when I first started the service.

Update 9/2008:
I'm actually surprised. Dropped the digital TV, and the internet connection is back to the way it was back in 2003 at first install. It works well, no disconnections, no signal problems. I've gone from the SMC router to the Netgear, and the Netgear's got some problems, but I'm sure it's nothing a firmware upgrade won't fix.

Update 8/2012:
I ran into an issue of my modem rebooting itself, like clockwork, between 2100-2115 each night. After getting nowhere with phone support, I posted my problem here for suggestions to DIY. MediacomChad really jumped in, rolling trucks, handling maintenance issues on Mediacom's side. I can say now that after forcing an installer to replace the modem, that things are awesome. I'm happy with my service once again. Here are a few suggestions to those with problems.
1) Never give up. Look at this review. I climbed ladder after ladder after ladder with previous service problems until I reached the near-pinnacle of Mediacom corporate. 2) PM MediacomChad with your account number and phone number and he will help. Mediacom needed this guy back when I was having problems.

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Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
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I'm glad your service is working properly.

Thank you for the kind words.

Let me know if you have any other service issues.
Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
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