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Six Month Rating

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Review by jimhamilton See Profile

  • Location: Emmetsburg,Palo Alto,IA
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Bad "None at the moment."
Overall "Consistent speeds and improving customer support."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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I've had it now for almost 2 years. The advertised speed went from 5000/256 to 8000/512 but my download speed rarely exceeds 5500. I do like the increased upload speed. I have been annoyed with down times ranging from a few minutes to several hours but they have been getting rarer. Overall I have been happy with it.

12/26/2007 - My speed jumped to 6500-6800 which made me happy. I then switched my old 802.11b router with a Linksys WRT54G which allowed consistent 7500/490 speeds.

04/25/2008 - Been running into a lot of slow time. Download speed will drop to 500 - 1500 for a day or two and then jump back up to a normal 7500 - 7600. I was also sent an info pack saying since I have all 3 services (cable, internet, phone) I will get a free upgrade to 10000/1000 but I haven't seen any change yet.

6/27/2008 - Finally got upgraded to 10000/1000. Tested at 9365/945 so that's nice. I've been having a lot of slow time though when I'll be lucky to have 20% of that and it'll last for a couple of days.

7/17/2008 - Went an entire evening of no service but it seems that was due to repairs. Have been getting consistent 9300-9600kbps downloads. Even during high traffic times it doesn't drop below 7500kbps. and that is rare. My upload speeds are always 930-960kbps.

8/09/2008 - Mediacom seems to be testing Web-boost. Uploads are the same but have been getting 14000-18000kbps downloads.

10/18/2008 - Service seems to be either very fast (10,000-30,000kbps) or very slow (800-2500) with very slow being by far the most common.

11/15/2008 - Getting better with less slow times.

6/26/2009 - Modem went out so I had to call customer service. Surprise! I didn't have to wait forever, the automated troubleshooter was quick and easy and I got to talk to someone within 2 minutes when the automated troubleshooter couldn't figure out my problem. I had a service tech at my house by 11:00 the next morning and he switched modems for me. I'm happy (for now).

12/07/10 - Consistent 15MB/1.85MB speeds. Little down time.Looking good.

12/29/11 - Dropped their telephone service so price went up $10/mo. Speed dropped to 10MB/.85MB with 12MB being advertised. The automated telephone support has worked well for me and I'm able to talk to someone a lot faster when I need to.

08/06/13 - Consistent 20MB/1.75MB speeds. No issues really. It's been very reliable.

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