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Review by IowaMan See Profile

  • Location: Grinnell,Poweshiek,IA
  • Cost: $160 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Good Speed/Price ratio"
Bad "Technicians need additional equipment"
Overall "Mediacom has good value especially if you're in Rual Iowa"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Decided to go with Mediacom after Iowa Telecom, decided to increase there rate's for basic phone service
Pre Install- Ordered the 3mb Cable package without any other service total for 1 year is $35
($19 + $15)
Install was scheduled for the 19th He came at the specified time and was courteous and professional
We live in a brick house so he had trouble initially deciding how to best run the cable as we have a crawl space with is hard to get to. so what he did was move the ground block to where our phone line comes in at basement windows and ran it in that way into our splitter and we used the existing cabling in my room except, He didn't have the screw I need on our house to secure the cable to the brick!
The Modem is an Ambit 60678 EU cable modem which I have connected to a Motorola WRG850G router

Speeds are great

I would recommend Mediacom if your in an area served by them and you value speed
(At least in Iowa)

Update: 7/10/2009
Speeds still are great, No major outages (had 2 that lasted all of 1 minute) I later found out that the Ambit was reporting incorrect signals and was the cause of the lost connection. I now have an RCA DCM 425 modem and new wiring and everything is working great. I do computer support and I hear numerous complaints about our local phone compony. If you can get Mediacom (Internet) go for it

Considering maybe going with Dish for TV as it is a better value for the Money (3 TV's) and maybe getting Windstream Internet not because where unhappy with Mediacom (we're not) just better for the pocketbook right now.


We are staying with Mediacom as after evaluating the Satellite service, We discovered that the Family package is no longer available and the amount of TV watching we do it isn't worth it. We are also happy with the internet (3Mb/256) and I hope that in the future they raise it.

Mediacom now has a 250 GB cap for all residential tiers

UPDATE Speeds are still what is advertised however I had to replace a Motorola WR850G (died) with a Netgear WGR614

UPDATE 4-1-11
Went to the local office in Marshalltown to add a package to my account, Was NOT informed that because I was on promo that this change I wanted to make shouldn't have been possible, However, I was given the HD BOX (Pace RNG110) and the change went through. (So I thought)
Get home, hocked it up and asked for a "Hit as the lineup was for Des Moines not Grinnell so, After calling/using the social media team at Mediacom. I found out that they doubled my bill and with out even telling me over the phone and didn't even register the box before I left the office I am now working with corporate to get this issue resolved will post when I have an acceptable solution.

For a "communications company" They are VERY POOR with the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

UPDATE 4-5-11
After e-mailing a high up I received a call from a retention rep, apologizing for the error and everything is correct with my account now.

Updated 5-24-13

Upgraded to the 50Mbps Ultra for a 1 year price of $65 and it is smoking fast, I don't EVER plan to use DSL again. (Who would)??"?

Price is also for a 1 Starz Pack with the Digital+ package

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Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL

Mediacom Support

Glad to hear everything is working properly there. As you know, you can always contact me here if you have any questions or concerns!