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  • Location: IA
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First of all a disclaimer - I am a Mediacom field tech.

I've had all three services for about 3 years now. I have no complaints. During that time I've had two issues with the internet/phone that were area issues and were fixed within several hours. I have no bandwidth issues and the phone and internet services have been rock solid.

I do not watch TV that much and don't really care about it so I can't comment on the TV service quality.

'Value for the money' is based on the employee pricing (most services are heavily discounted or free).


Not much to update other than a free speed upgrade. Can't complain about that.


Somewhat slower speed during peak time but no other issues.


Still no problems. Peak time speeds have improved.


I am aware of some utilization issues in my area however my service is still great. Have the VIP/employee internet that's advertised as 15/1 with web-boost so speedtest will show better speeds. Can't beat this for $5/mo!


No changes. All services working great...

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