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  • Location: IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Overall "Very satisified with the service"
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First of all a disclaimer - I am a Mediacom field tech.

I've had all three services for about 3 years now. I have no complaints. During that time I've had two issues with the internet/phone that were area issues and were fixed within several hours. I have no bandwidth issues and the phone and internet services have been rock solid.

I do not watch TV that much and don't really care about it so I can't comment on the TV service quality.

'Value for the money' is based on the employee pricing (most services are heavily discounted or free).


Not much to update other than a free speed upgrade. Can't complain about that.


Somewhat slower speed during peak time but no other issues.


Still no problems. Peak time speeds have improved.


I am aware of some utilization issues in my area however my service is still great. Have the VIP/employee internet that's advertised as 15/1 with web-boost so speedtest will show better speeds. Can't beat this for $5/mo!


No changes. All services working great...

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Edenton, NC

Yeah right

No way this is an honest review first of all the internet would be oversold and have alot of connection drops and packet loss. Oh yeah and be going on for a few years with no fix and the only way it will be fixed is when their contract is up and not resigned with the area.


Re: Yeah right

It is an honest review. I installed my wiring and can service it as needed. My drop went bad 3 times (since 2004) I think and I fixed it. If it's done right you will have less problems and once you have a problem if it gets fixed right you will be happy with the service. Simple isn't it? The area I live in has solid plant and I think there were 2 unplanned outages, both lasting less than 3 hours IIRC.

Besides why would I make this up? I am just a field tech not someone in corporate so I really don't care about what you or anyone else have to say about Mediacom. If you're not happy with the service simply cancel it. I'm posting here as an individual just like you and NOT like a company representative.

PS The only reason why I posted and updated this review was when the site would start bugging me to do it.
I speak for myself, not my employer.