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Review by bulletsam See Profile

  • Location: Charleston,Coles,IL
  • Cost: $135 per month
Good "When it's working it's great!"
Bad "Speeds are sometimes close to what was advertised, most times not."
Overall "Price keeps going up, quality keeps going down. You may, or may not get a good tech to come to your home."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've been a Mediacom customer since day 1, and over-utilization seems to be common practice with this company. The sad part is they know they are selling a product that will develop problems because of this over-utilization. Well, to be honest, the sales dept. may not know of these issues, but then again, they are hired to sell/hype the product not fix it.

The one bright spot is that there are a few in customer support on dslreports.com that go above, and beyond the norm working to correct issues. What ever they pay them isn't enough, in my opinion. They strive to give you honest answers to your questions. The higher-ups could learn a thing or two from these hard wording individuals.

Update 2/28/13: Got a good deal on Ultra50 for 1 year ($59.95) but after 9 months since upgrade, 4 of those with constant problems, it's not worth regular price of $94.95 to me. I'm now looking at other options for both TV and internet.

Loyal customers like myself (Since day 1 of Mediacom) unfortunately mean nothing to this company.

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Apache Junction, AZ
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You Don't Want Them Coming To Your Home!

Since the internet doesn't come from your home you don't want them coming there, they should go to their end and fix it. They kept wanting to come to my home every week when the service went out but since they could never find anything wrong I had to finally tell them they were not allowed there anymore. Since they kept raising the price even though they couldn't provide service I finally had to cancel it.